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  1. it's a few years after this was posted, but how is this going along, it's something that looks interesting?
  2. will be interesting to read of Dagny at Nat. i'm just still at the thought of "how did Nat not have the right systems in place to create a system for the company to make sure a James taggart does not have such a role in it". ill have to look up these rags to rags stories in the real world and see what is found. maybe part of it's a matter of family over principle? orren boyle along with james were just simply not good at what they did in chapter 1, while dagny, hank, and ellis were all good at what they do in even practical ways, let alone that the three later would used their minds and abilities. i'm trying to take a approuch to this reading of chapter by chapter and creating a study guide for each chapter, and i did think this legacy ishue was key in chapter one.
  3. so part of this is to bring in a new philosophy different from predecessors? It makes me wonder what the founder of the company did that allowed the company to become what it became? Such as why is the company a public company in the first place, and what went into picking successors for the company. It seems like the company goes from self made hero, to niliistic zero, to back to self made hero, is this showing public companies as a failed experiment and sign of the times? the political cronyism is match by the business cronyism is this chapter it seems and both are shown to be disasters. the nation makes wrong decisions, the board makes wrong decisions. sounds like a theme here is society against the individual and what thought processes go into society being against the individual and what processes individuals must take to reach self made individual heros.
  4. So after reading chapter 1, the question on my mind is about James is " why is James employed, let alone a part of the company, let alone the president of the company". The question about Dagny is " why is she not simply the owner/ CEO of the company?" what makes it interesting is how a father has such polar opposite children and the one that is a train wreck that went off the rails is the president of company.
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