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    I'm a fifteen year old polimath
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    "The Fountainhead", "Philosophy: Who Needs It?", "The Romantic Manifesto", "Return of the Primitive"
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    I'm an Artist, Screenwriter, Musician
  1. Now, as for the rights of A.I, just simple individual rights. If the A.I. is volitional, if it can think, then laissez faire. Let them be.
  2. I was actually asked recently what would be my opinion on Artificial Intelligence and robots with conciousness and stuff like that. My answer simply was that it is possible as long as that robot or computer were volitional beings capable of existing without the need of a user or anything. In short, when we get computers that are ends in themselves, we are going to have A.I.
  3. Kant made his philosophy in order to justify his belief in god, and he did it by denying reason, logic, reality and free will for the sake of mysticism, illogic, non existence and duty. He did everything to justify altruism and death. No wonder Eichmann was a Kantian.
  4. So you come here, prancing around and you think you are going to fool us with Kant? Sorry, you just lost. Try again.
  5. I never agree or disagree to something until I evaluate the principle behind it. Therefore, I never disagreed with any of Ayn Rand's points or worldview. I just evaluated wheather her views corresponded with reality or not. That's why I don't understand why do you want to make a Neo-Objectivism. Objectivism is basically the Scientific method applied to everthing, not only science, it is a philosophy based on reason, and the way by which we integrate knowledge is not subject to change. Neither is Objectivism. (That's why I preffer Peikoff better than Kelly)
  6. I read The Fountainhead when I was fifteen in a few hours. Then I read "Philosophy: Who Needs It", "Voice of Reason", "Return of the Primitive", "The Romantic Manifesto", so on, watched many of the interviews Rand made and then I reached the conclusion that Objectivism is the way I want to live my life by.
  7. You completly lost me when you said you were mixing Objectivism with Marxism
  8. Personally, when people ask me to help them in some classes in school I tell them: "So, you are asking for my help in order to complete something you have to do yourself, what do I earn in this deal? I gain nothing from your looting of my effort, and you earn nothing for being a parasite, Stop Being a Parasite" I give advice for a few of my friends who are victims of Bullying, I tell them to be more selfish and that sort of thing and I justify it, and I go into debates with my professors in defence of Capitalism and so on. It can be boring to deal with people, I must admit, but it is interesting to study their philosophies.
  9. Actually there is some rational explanation on ghosts. Apparently the places people call "haunted" are merely Infrasound Amplyfiers. You cannot hear it, but the efects of prolonged exposure to infrasound are visual and hearing allucinations, produced by the fact that certain body tissues vibrate at low frecuencies.
  10. Human beings come with flaws? That's a religious concept, man is good by default. The only difference is whether he acted acording to reason or acording to racionalizations in his life, but that's that. What flaws are you talking about?
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