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  1. I love art rock in general, and have found Pink Floyd's Animals (1977) to be one of the best and most underrated albums in rock history. It is too bad that this album is perceived by many to be an attack on capitalism (just look at the hundreds of Amazon reviews on the album), but on a further look it does not seem to be so (even though that may be what the lyricist Roger Waters intended): "Animals represents Waters' view of the avarice in modern society that divides people, creating the harsh, cold, uncaring environment in which he feels we live. His Orwellian world is broken down into th
  2. Hello, I'm Manan. I am a medical student from Michigan. I have been a student and supporter for Objectivism for years now, and I cheer it on as often as I can. This is my first post to this site. My blog can be found at http://juggernaut-of-love.blogspot.com In my blog I discuss philosophy, politics, art, and music. I also have a lot of great links to other sites. Check it out sometime! Anyway, I'm just saying hi!
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