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  1. Just discovered this Chicago-based Indie band: http://reardenroarkmusic.com/the-band/ A sample:
  2. While I see most critics rightfully jumping on the ridiculousness of "safe spaces," try not to bang your head against your keyboard when you read this: This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University! To mock the "trigger warning" culture, here's a taste: Doesn't get any clearer.
  3. The URL used to be: http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=rss&type=forums&id=3 but I see that unread content RSS link which is now http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?/discover/1.xml. Thanks.
  4. Having gotten both a business B.A. and MBA, I can very much appreciate your lack of inspiration from a business education. I think this kind of reaction/reflection is one of the reasons why business schools are seeing such a huge interest in entrepreneural programs. I have a friend who's an artist (primarily realistic oil paintings, but her abilities span the artistic gamut). She's a huge fan of Rand's work (The Fountainhead being her favorite) and she's even volunteered at an ARI event in the past. She doesn't really have any business experience but she's starting to create ideas for putting together videos to learn to paint. Perhaps you and her could work together to join your business knowledge with her artistic knowledge and create a business together. You could help her plan the videos (e.g., by asking her questions around how to get into painting, share the types of art you'd like to be able to paint so she could use those as guides for the video content) and then be a guinea pig to "test" the effectiveness of the videos. You could even video yourself applying the concepts which could later serve as a good marketing testimony to the effectiveness (and also provide improvement ideas). Doing something like this would make your business classes more relevant (because you'd be trying to apply the concepts), it would allow you to try out a potential passion (painting), and it would give you the opportunity to work with someone who shares some of the same ideals as you. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you her email address.
  5. http://magazine.jhsph.edu/2015/summer/forum/rethinking-put-the-ph-back-in-phd/index.html Conceptually, I agree with his view that without a better understanding and appreciation for philosophy, humanity is limited by the progress science makes. But if I'm understanding his reasoning, he wants more philosophy so that scientists can become well-rounded generalists, reduce competitiveness, and better communicate to voters and politicians. These might be valuable benefits but, to me, humanity could benefit most if scientists had a much better understanding of rational ethics. IMO, universities are churning out too many Dr. Robert Stadlers. A rational understanding of ethics is needed to reduce the researching and funding of the plethora of Project X-type efforts. Not to mention that if scientists ever truly learned rational ethics, they'd no longer ask for government grants as they'd know it's wrong to take stolen money.
  6. https://valme.io/c/art/55qqs/why-is-modern-art-so-bad
  7. My apologies if I misunderstood dream_weaver's comment. I took it as asserting point #3 as contradictory to the definition of fascism.
  8. Wasn't clear to me how to embed the YouTube video, but this is a short clip useful for sharing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQVrMzWtqgU. [Edit: Embed by pasting the video link into the text box and hitting Enter to the next line. Make sure "http" is included, but not "https" -- JASKN]
  9. I had tears in my eyes laughing as I read #1. Thank you for sharing.
  10. http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/12/03/ayn-rands-early-novel-ideal-to-be-published-after-80-years/ FTA: "Ayn Rand fans, here’s something to whet your appetites: New American Library has released the cover image for “Ideal,” the first Ayn Rand novel to be published in more than 50 years... “Ideal” tells the story of a screen actress who is accused of murder and visits six of her most devoted fans to ask for help. In 1934, when she was in her late 20s, Rand first wrote “Ideal” as a work of fiction. But Rand was dissatisfied with it and set it aside. The same year, she rewrote it as a play. The play didn’t have its New York premiere until 2010 – 66 years after she wrote it." Preorders on Amazon
  11. An open letter to Bryan Johnson: philosophy - not technology - is the core operating system to improve if you want to change the world ...in response to: Rewrite the OS, Change the World: A challenge worthy of the greatest hearts and minds of our generation
  12. I re-read both The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged whenever I need strength. Do I admit too much when I reply that I stopped counting after reading each 25 times?
  13. Made me think of Stephen Colbert's take when he jokes about compromise and working with those who have different values (stray cats): Formidable Opponent - Pragmatism or Idealism.
  14. I'm not sure I understand why you consider these mutually exclusive. I think back to Dagny's idea (paraphrased): as long as I choose to live, I can't abondon a battle which I think is mine to fight. To accept the way the world is now is to acknowledge reality. To continue to fight for the world you want is heroic. To live as a rational being, you're compelled to fight for the world you want. At the same time, to accept the world the way it is doesn't require you to give up your rationality. Yes, too many people act irrationally and value the mundane (and evil). I take comfort in now being able to almost immediately recognize them and avoid them. Sure, the world is a lonely place as a result, and that can be depressing. But to give up on my values (i.e., the world I want) because I can't find others who share them is to put the value of others higher than the value of myself. A very hard, painful lesson in life for me: compromising values to be less lonely isn't worth it.
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