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  1. I think I know based off of how they appear to me(how they talk,things they do,etc.). Some women are so off the mark for me that I do not consider them at all. However, upon further reflection, I realize that there may be somethings I do not see or do not know I want in a woman. Only by dating women who I see some value in could I further explore that.
  2. This is a very good point. I will take this into consideration.
  3. Why the hell would you not think I am for real? There are people who take philosophy very seriously. I do not consider myself to be over-thinking, but I do see some value in what you are saying.I have to start somewhere and if I get more experience I will have a clearer picture of what I want.
  4. I am making decisions based off what I want. Could you elaborate a bit more on what else you were saying?
  5. The sad part is I do not even intend to meet "The One". I am just looking for a woman that meets my minimum standards and I still cannot find one. Due to my age I am inclined to have sex, but I have cognitive dissonance because to give myself up to a person is a big deal to me(and I would like her to be someone I like). I am stuck between wanting to get laid and feeling bad for giving myself up sexually to a person I do not even like.
  6. I am looking for a graceful, independent, confident, and dignified woman. A woman that will add some value to my life by not conforming to the concepts of most people or the in crowd. It is amazing how difficult it is to find a woman my age that adheres to those principles(even if you find her you might not be physically attracted to her). In today's world so many people are mindless Obama drones that do not think for themselves. Too many women are attention seeking, entitled, narcissistic, and whiny. Women at college devalue themselves by recklessly smoking, using drugs/alcohol, dancing raunchy, partying wildly, having sex commonly without seeing value in that person and doing what feels good in the moment. I am looking for a woman that thinks because only a thinking woman will add value to my life by giving me something different. Of course not all of the women I come in contact with have all of the negative traits I described. For the most part the women I encounter either have some of these traits, too many of these traits, are people I am indifferent to, or mildly attracted to(but not attracted to enough).
  7. 1. Just not attracted enough to justify a long-term relationship. 2. I would like to lose my virginity, but I do not want to lose it just to get it out of the way. I want to experience a meaningful sexual relationship, but I hesitate to do so with the girls I meet because I do not find them good enough(from a shared values point of view). All these years have passed and I still have not found the right kind of woman so I am not sure what to do.
  8. How should a discriminating young man approach/view sex if no one he encounters shares his values? I am a 21 year old male that is at a dilemma in my life. I agree with Rand in her belief that sex should be the physical expression of love between two people who admire values in each other. However, I have not yet found a woman who has the values I admire in her and am extremely picky with my partners. Throughout my life I have rejected dozens of offers from girls to be in relationships with them and I really do not think I will find this woman anytime soon. I have raging hormones and it is highly frustrating to get offers from tons of girls (many who are very attractive), but decline due to me not being attracted to their personality. Due to my pickiness I have no sexual experience and I fear that I am losing out on an important aspect of life. What advice would you give me to help my situation?
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