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  1. This could be seen as a way to avoid prostitution laws. Also why does the op place prostitution in the same category as rape. Its consensual and it does not seem that much different from other professions that involve entertainment.
  2. Yep i was right. When you posted about the mark scott thread apearing, the mark scott thread was posted recently and simply was not indexed. I just checked and now when you search mark scott on objectiscan the mark scott thread is the number 2 result. Pages don't just magicaly appear in the results search engines. Instead search engines send out web crawlers that find pages and store parts of them in a database along with other data about the page and site. On a site with rapidly changing content such as a forum the newest pages might not have been crawled yet.
  3. I think this is just a rare exeption. Objectiscan is powered by google meaning its results are depenendent on google web search's index. I tried just using a normal google web search to find the mark scott thread by searching its title and a few keywords and found nothing. I think whats happening is that thread is indexed by google news but not google web search. This prevents it from showing up in objectiscan's search results. I would reccomend that the owner of objectivism online submit a sitemap to google. That would not only increase performance in objectiscan, but also in normal Google searches. The wordpress page for mark scott looked relevant so i added it to objectiscan's search results. Also is dream weaver a referance to Adobe Dreamweaver?
  4. I just created a search engine that provides high quality sources relating to objectivism. Here is the link objectiscan. This should make it easy to find what you want without having to filter through some of the garbage other search engines wil give you. It has options that allow you to narrow down your search. For example clicking video will show only results with videos and podcasts while clicking forum will show only results in objectivism forums.
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