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  1. Of course not. The philosophy of Ayn Rand is one of the most important things in my life. Why would you infer that I am not interested in her philosophy any further? This copyright arguement is just going nowhere. I believe I can find justification in her writings for what I did. But, it is certainly not a black and white issue. I also think that it is highly doubtful that Ayn Rand or her estate even own the actual interviews themselves anyway. Most likely whoever created the videos paid a license fee to NBC or whoever the broadcaster was to sell copies of them.
  2. Everything you quoted about property is correct. However as I stated before Miss Rand also said I have already removed the item. Now this has become a simple academic excercize.
  3. Those are not being produced anymore. Those are just remaining inventory from when they were in the 90's. I am not going to be stubborn beyond reason about this. What I have done is attempt to provide a very nice compilation of Ayn Rand interviews which are not readily available. I believed by doing so I would be totally consistant with the teaching of Objectivism and I gave you the passages that led me to believe it. I have read every book Ayn Rand has written and hold her philosophy as dear to me as anything in my life. In the grand scheme of things, its not that important to me. I have no problem withdrawing the auction. What annoys me are people who call themselves Objectivists behaving so irrationally. Especially with the conspiracy theories. Keith
  4. You think I havent read it? Do you feel there is another part of that chapter that contradicts the part I quoted? Be an Objectivist. Instead of using generalizations please tell my how my conclusion is wrong.
  5. These items are NOT still in print by anyone anywhere. Please provide me with some evidence if you believe they are. Keith
  6. How dare you pass moral judgment about that? You have no facts, no evidence and no basis other than your own mystic thinking to make that claim. Because I sell a DVD of copied Ayn Rand interviews then I must fraudulently sell used cars? And when you use quotation marks to indicate what you are claiming my response to his feedback was, you should use an EXACT quote not your own generalized rendition of my response. Keith
  7. All of these items are out of print and are no longer being produced. What I have done is try and give people a chance to see all of the Ayn Rand appearances on television. The principles I use to justify this come from Miss Rand herself. If it can be demonstrated that I am wrong in my premises, I will be happy to remove the listing. This is from Capitalism the Unknown Ideal: I hold that these out of print items which are not currently being produced by anyone fall under "effortless possession" she mentions. They are only available in used form, therefore no one is being deprived of any potential income by my making them available. As I said before, if someone can make the case that I am wrong, my mind can certainly change. Keith
  8. (Link to Ebay item removed) (While the seller attempts to argue -- below -- that selling this article is moral, doing so appears to be illegal. Therefore, unless some facts about the legality are presented, I am removing the link itself. - softwareNerd)
  9. I cant speak for anyone else. But, the reason I like it is because it reminds me of her and has a serene setting that befits her. I already have all of her books so something like this is not an "instead of". Its just a reminder of who she was, who she loved and that she is gone, but her message lives on.
  10. Its not inflated. Its very difficult to package a large glass object like this. And since it is oversized I believe that it will cost extra to ship. There is no intention to try and fleece someone with the shipping.
  11. We have checked with every major climbing assoication and can find no evidence that your claims are true. Howkins has made attempts on K2 but has never summited. http://www.everestnews.com/sumk2.htm
  12. Objectively proven? Because her husband said so? That does not "prove" anything. Especially since he never came forward with those supposed statements until years after her condition began. Please be careful how you use the word "objectively" Keith
  13. Your sense of life does not appear very bright. I really wonder if this is the way you wish to portray yourself. Remember what Ayn Rand has taught us, and try to discover the root of these emotions you are having. You appear to have a very personal response to Catholcism, and to the pope in general which goes well beyond the Objectivist's stance on mysticism. Keith P.S. Ayn Rand didn't "approve" of homosexuals either.
  14. My wife is interested in becoming the only living woman to climb the mountain K2. In the history of the mountain only 6 women have reached the peak. 4 of them died on the way down and the other 2 died climbing other mountains afterwards. As you can see this a very risky and in my opinion foolish thing to attempt. What should I say to her to help talk her out of it? Is this goal a rational goal? Isnt the risk and the peril she puts our family in a rational basis to abandon this goal? She loves Ayn Rand so I was hoping you all could give me an Objectivist viewpoint. Thanks Keith
  15. That is like saying that the sun is an adequare source of light and needs no further study. I contend that Ayn Rands ideas and philosophy was so unique and revolutionary that in order to accomplish what she did (and in a second launguage at that) is indicitave of genius. I was hoping her IQ had been quantified because I believe she is to philosophy what Einstein was to physics and what Leonardo was to art.
  16. Her brilliance speaks for itself. But, if genius can be quantified I would like to know what hers was. Since I am not familair with the subjectivness of IQ tests then perhaps it is irrelevent. But, my understanding of IQ is ones CAPACITY for intelligence. And hers seemed pretty immense. A person of another time could have also had a large capacity and mis-used it for some vocation such as translating the bible. But, their intelligence remains. Keith
  17. Has anyone ever seriously tried to determine Ayn Rands IQ? If so what was it? Keith
  18. 100 years ago in a cold city in Tsarist Russia a miracle of randomness happened. A woman was born who would not wear the yoke of collectvism although everyone around here gladly embraced it. To say her life story is unlikely would be an understatement. At the age of 21, Ayn Rand set off to live in a country half way around the world. A country whose people and language where far different than those in Russia. But, it was a nation whos sense of life matched her own. She determined what she wanted to do with her life and she accomplished it. She did it on her own terms and she did it her way. And she meant every word. To become a best selling novelist writing in a language she didnt learn until she was in her 20's is not only indicitave of her genius, it is also vindication of her beautiful message. Man as hero. Individualism. Reason. I never met Ayn Rand. But, I know her well. She gave me a way to define the feelings I have always had, but never understood. Thank God for Ayn Rand. (using her definition of God) Keith P
  19. Just did. Answered my question specifically. Thanks! I sometimes wonder why there is no room for the golden rule in Objectivism. But, in the final analysis I know she is right. Keith
  20. I have a question and I am sure it has a simple answer. So far I have not come across the answer in reading about Objectivism. If I am walking past a lake and a small child has fallen into the water and is screaming to me for help. If it poses a great risk to my own person to attempt to save him. Is this altruism? And is it wrong to to risk my own safety to help the child? What if the risk is 10% that I might die saving him? What if its 1%? When is it a sacrifice and self immolation? Keith
  21. What is the Objectivist viewpoint about requiring suspects to submit to mandatory DNA tests? Even when there is nothing but circumstantial evidence in the case? What about requiring everyone to register their DNA. Do the innocent have any reason to refuse? Does the governments role to protect the public allow an invasion of privacy? Keith
  22. You wouldn't happen to be Citizen Publius would you? Keith
  23. If that is the case then that should be changed immediately! The administrator of the forum should make an editing tag mandatory if it isn't already.
  24. He had no reason to think any of his posts other than the three that have been altered were altered, because when a post is altered a notation is placed there showing it has been changed and by who. I think Mr. Speicher felt as though the moderator was trying to change his posts to appear as though Mr. Speicher was making those statements when in reality the moderator was trying to list the rule that was the basis for which he was deleting the post. This entirely the fault of the moderator. If Mr. Speicher had cared to investigate and demand an explantion instead of passing final judgement and sentencing himself to permanent exile....He would have seen that no one here approves of the way this was handled and he would probably be writing something thought provoking right now about homosexuality or abortion.
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