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  1. I just made å short reply, with a link to a Youtube video that demonstrates how biased the mainstream media is: "you cannot let biased sources define your perception of history." You should remind yourself of this the next time you watch or read the news produced by leftist "journalists" in the media.
  2. 1. Just one guy except this one. He said that he will not be friend with anyone who supports occupation and genocide. 2. Some of the discussions in the commentary fields are rather lengthy, and I have also "liked" the Facebook pages of IDF, "I stand with Israel" and a few others. If he has read what I've written, he knows that I'm not hostile to all people in Gaza, only those who supports the terrorists. I'm considering responding with somehting like this: I'm not moved by disparaging remarks like this. If anything, I'll take your defriending as a compliment.
  3. My friends (many of which are obviously brainwashed by leftist media in Europe) keep defriending me on Facebook because of my pro-Israel status updates and shared content. Today, someone even shared this post on my wall (see attached thumbnail). Any suggestions how to to respond, if at all? Here is the content that I've shared over the past two weeks: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KakxXN5Z-XI#t=90 2. Why you and I and everyone should support Israel against the barbarians: http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/2014/07/everyone-support-israel-barbarians/ 3. Pat Condell nails it on Israel vs Hamas: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QuVx_7ER09Y
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