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  1. I also am doubtful/Looking at about the Objectivisme and the Cultures, Since I am living in Norway, I can observe the different way of doing, according to the population, education and history we have been raised in. The people and their actions in the society and for them. I am probably going to find out by myself if the Objectivisme is universaly thought and expressed by everyone the same way, but I am quite sure my culture make it quite different. That's also why there isn't that much people expressing themselves with me since I am an outlander, also must be unconfortable to talk English with a French person, specialy about philosophia and mindset. I am going to lurk at this forum, thanks for those who stopped by me. Have a good day !
  2. The French Christianism is really special, I am glad to have been raised beside it, We have a long story between our state and the religion, But for a century, it's losing its power over here, as the wedding isn't anymore a proof of love. I don't plan to marry anyone, but I suppose 'love' comes when it has to come, and feeling confident, respected and listened today is more a quest than a chance, I agree on the marriage principes but, it should be think as a step between a couple, not the result of X years of relation, Lot of couple get to think that after the wedding, they don't really need to keep up their taste for each other .. The rate of divorce in France is bit higher than the number of wedding. People swarm around and do not appreciate what they have at the moment. Nice topic tho, thanks
  3. I sincerely missed James Franco in this movie, This actor contributed in most of the success of the first episode, with Andy Serkis, Anyway the movie is good, The virus didn't spare anyone, even the closest with the public and we really get involved into the Ape Society, Have a good watching !
  4. I have been through the English version and then French to get all the points. There are no missions of goodness with my roomate, he is particular, lost his mother when he was 15, 4 years younger than me and different culture. I just complete some of his polite lacks that my French culture can bring and help with. I am not that much wrong. Actualy, when I told him about this website, we found out for him that apart of me, there might be other "special person" as he usualy name me. He is 20, I consider his age according to his way of learning too, he is independant, just asking for advices when it does matter and he accepts them, even if we fail. We are honest between each other, I told him how I see things and did he. He is realizing that my conception of the environment is quite open on the everything.
  5. Merci ! @Reidy, I don't think we can talk about France or Scandinavia like a learning school of life about the Objectivism ^^, a few people get this in mind and understand, but it's for every country the same. @JASKN, I am still trying to get all what lady RAND described, it's super deep in emotions and feelings, it takes time on the learning period to get it properly ^^, I experiment, by improving step by step, and it works, without limits. It's fascinating, I try to teach my roomate how to live with this different way of seeing actions and his goals, but, to make it quick, Norwegians are really, really studborn and that's not cultural, it's due to money and the politics. But still, he learns. That's why I keep believing in it, by seeing some of me in him, and it's positive in the life of each living days.
  6. Morning World ! I have come herein by chance, didn't think I could find such forum .. I am Thibaut, born as a French and right now working in Norway on the West Coast, nearby Stavanger for those who know about Scandinavia and Oil Business. Great touristc place by the way, a to-do city ! 24 years old, 1,96 meters, Taurus/Horse and blue eyes, I wish, here, to find some definition to what I feel everyday in this society, it's a daily challenge to feel and think right, I enjoy it. The way the objectivism is described and lived match in many ways with my life, deep and real it appears, why not understand it as much as I can ! Please, apologize my English, it's honestly quite harsch somedays to speak what I think about in another language Thanks for reading and for those who care, Greets from Norway !
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