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    applied Objectivism, law and Rule of Law, the natural sciences, investment portfolio, music (listening and performing), German language, western medieval history, cooking, woodworking, camping, fishing, photography, private property and firearms rights, rugby (former player), adjunct professor, writing for publication, the practice of law

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    United States
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    other Romantics, Renaissance Men and Women, those living the conscious life...intelligent and genuine people who have self-respect and a sense of humor and who value themselves and relationships with those of similar comprehension.
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    educated professional (BA,MS,MBA,JD,LLM) Renaissance Man, living the conscious life. Private property rights and capitalist advocate and lawyer. Former rugby player, former Army officer, well traveled (USA, Europe, China), lived in Germany (fair German language skills); interests include investing, natural sciences, Western medieval history, legal history, music and literature, camping/fishing, cooking, woodworking, applied Objectivist comprehension
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    Own and have read most published works by and about Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, David Kelly, et al; attended Philosophy of Objectivism classes in NYC presented by Ms. Rand and Dr. Peikoff; TOS member; emphasize objectivist ethics and aesthetics, consider myself a practicing objectivist. "Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"
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    VMI, FlaTech, Florida State University JD and LLM - own and manage a law firm
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    Lawyer, investor, FFL license, woodworking business, author, adjunct professor

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