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  1. Think Once, Think Twice, Think Lyn. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Lyn. Lyn Just Feels Right. Lyn Saves Your Soul. Time To Make The Lyn. Just What The Lyn Ordered. Good to the Last Lyn. Aaahh, Lyn!
  2. Congratulations! If you don't mind, I'll include a verse for you I found a while back. The author is unknown. You cannot possess me for I belong to myself But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give You cannot command me, for I am a free person But of my choice, I pledge to you my fidelity and loyalty, that you will be foremost in my life and my in plans for life I pledge to you that I will always strive for the betterment of our relationship; that I will communicate honestly and openly with you in all matters That I will be your friend, lover, confidante, adviso
  3. I am a Public Safety (Police) Dispatcher, have been for going on 8 years. I love the work, but the philosophy they have been trying to cram down our throats is just getting worse with all of the new mandated classes. It's a good thing I can test well without actually having to pay attention to some of them or I might vomit. Others are very informative. I am currently working on getting my ducks in a row in order to open my own business. I have three options in the works, depending on circumstances, but I think I'll be able to merge two ideas and make things work out quite nicely. This also
  4. Oops, I completely forgot about Kosher. I don't know about the hippie thing. Random crap like trace minerals? I guess I fell for that too, thinking our bodies needed those. This place really is a fount of information. Alton Brown is fabulous!
  5. As far as salt goes, I'm no expert, but I remember hearing that it is iodized (processes) salt that is bad for you. Natural sea salt is good for you and has all the correct nutritional stuff. If you're on a budget, I hope you are using good sealing, reusable containers to freeze stuff. It's cheaper than zip bags, even if you try to reuse them. (underline and break up of wording mine) Are you willing to share it with others? I'm happy to share one with you if I have one you have been looking for, though I admit I'm not a Chef or anything. Edited post due to some kind of glitc
  6. This probably isn't the right place to put this, but I didn't know where else to do it, it is kind of related. I want to reply now to you, briefly, and say that I appreciate what you said and it has helped me put a few more pieces in place. I can understand what you were saying and see the flaw in my thinking. There have been a few things come up death related and now I think I have the right perspective. Thank you for that. Sometimes just a few simple words or the right phrasing can make all the difference.
  7. Perhaps, DavidOdden, you will end up, unwittingly, being one of my teachers… I know that some of that thought/feeling has to be irrational. I cannot pinpoint it just yet, but I am working on it. You ask me ‘why?’ and ‘what can be done’ for me. I value life in general, NOT necessarily the individual people; some are not worth the air they are inhaling. I look at the now and the future as far as what can be done for me. The now directly relates to the future. Since I happen to value my life, I also by extension value life surrounding me, in general. To not do so would be a contradiction. Sin
  8. When I heard the announcement this morning, I had two things happen almost simultaneously. I knew justice had been done, while at the same time it hurt my heart to see the end of a life. I have the same reaction to all deaths I hear of, to different degrees, because I value life, some might disagree with my initial feeling (hurts my heart to see the end of a life). Saddam Hussein very much deserved to be executed. He lost his right to life through his vile taking away of others right to life, among other things. If he were allowed to live, he would have been very dangerous because he would
  9. Apparently I am an ISTJ on the Jung test. I took the test on the Advisor Team website and it labeled me as a Guardian but I don't know which type - Supervisors (ESTJ) | Protectors (ISFJ) | Inspectors (ISTJ) | Providers (ESFJ) - because I don't want to pay $14.95 for the rest. What I read for Guardian only fits me a little so I don't think it is very accurate. A lot of the questions were ridiculous, as others have pointed out, since neither answer is logical. I'm going to guess it would end up being the ISTJ on there as well since I don't ever score very high on the touchy-feely scale and I am
  10. I see no one wants to touch this (52 views, 0 replies so far). One thing I will add is I tried to speak with him logically while he was home on leave, but didn't have the time I needed with him. His Mother kept interrupting and generally screwing things up since she had no idea about my line of thought and how I was trying to help him thinks things out. I did not want to hurt her feelings because of the stress she was already under at the time so decided it could wait until a later time rather than tell her to be quiet and butt out. Perhaps I was wrong. I was never able to get him alone. I now
  11. I am wondering if anyone has some advice on what to say to my nephew that will help him hold on until he can come home. My nephew is a Combat Medic in Iraq and is quite in the thick of things. He has been expressing more and more lately how difficult it is becoming for him, psychologically, being there seeing his friends getting blown in half (literally), having to repair the damage done to people who have just tried to kill him -but injured themselves instead (literally), etc. Of course he is extremely frightened that he will not make it back alive. Then he has problems with his wife back her
  12. Thanks, that was a nice way to start my day. Now I have to go to work, but I'll make the drive with a grin.
  13. House Dexter Dr. 90210 Flip This House Property Ladder Designed to Sell House and Dexter keep me in stitches. Dr. 90210 I like because of the surgeries. I just get really annoyed by constantly hearing some of them talking about 'giving back to the people'. I mean really, what are they giving back? What did the 'people' DO to EARN it? Did the 'people' learn the medicine for them or work their butts off all the hours necessary to pay for their college and everything else that goes in to it? One guy went to a foreign country to do volunteer work, which is fine, until I heard him say he wa
  14. I will apoligize ahead of time if I do not get this out as clearly as I would like. I will do my best. I am still a work in progress. Fear is natural, we all experience it in various forms. It helps keep us alive at times or can get us killed. Our fear is what is counted on to keep us bound in chains, heads down doing what we are told, even when we know something is wrong with the picture. When you are able to finally find the answer to your freedom, I think it is illogical to continue in the chains any longer than necessary to get your feet planted and break them. I cannot abide remaining in
  15. OK, I definitely agree with the following that I have seen so far: Danny DeVito - Orren Boyle Liam Neeson - Hank Reardon Billy Zane - James Taggart Antonio Sabato Jr. - Francisco (looks only, since I don't know his acting skills) Adrian Brody - Ellis Wyatt I have seen the suggestion of a black Galt, which I am in favor of. I only care about the acting skills of the person in making me believe in what they are saying, so may I suggest the following? Djimon Hounsou - John Galt Val Kilmer - Ragnar Halle Berry - Lillian Reardon Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. - Reardon's brother
  16. I get you now. So in that case reason and logic go out the window, fear takes over........and the makers of vaseline keep making a tidy profit
  17. Good luck finding one! You only have yourself to rely on, ultimately. You are the only one who can know your individual circumstances. That is why I said do the research. Maybe I should have highlighted and stated Do the research yourself . You don't need a lawyer in order to understand what is written, nor can one necessarily tell you the correct forms to use when the time comes to take care of your financial business, whatever that might be. They can be useful in your research though.
  18. Masculin, Feminine and so much more Book Cover - Faith of the Fallen Romantic Book Cover - Soul of the Fire
  19. I forgot to add in a comment (last year) when I posted last time. Yes, Schiff, Rose and many others are correct in that most Americans are not liable to pay an income tax. Unfortunately, they have led many astray in the way to go about correctly filing. They try to show you a loop hole or how to "get out of it". If you really want to find out what the LAW says, research it, and/or go to a very handy website www.losthorizons.com. This gentleman has put together a book that helps explain the law and makes it a lot easier for you to go and look it up for yourself to verify what is being shown. G
  20. The income tax has always been Constitutional (legal) since the Founding Fathers set it up. The 16th amendment to the Constitution (whether actually ratified or not, I don't believe it was) according to the Supreme Court did not afford any new taxing powers, but was to clarify things. Not that it did. The problem actually lies in the fact that people (the ones that actually try to find out) are not reading the tax laws properly because they are purposely being obscured. Most just go with the flow out of ignorance and /or apathy. Believe it or not, not every American worker or business is a fed
  21. I would have to say yes. Every human has the right to life, liberty..... and it is the government's purpose to protect those rights. I believe this question falls under the right to life.
  22. That would be great, but the IRS wouldn't take them. They won't even take the FRN's.
  23. check out: http://www.norfed.org/html/about.asp
  24. I started to think that a NST would be a good idea as well. Partly because it is supposed to eliminate several items like estate tax, FICA etc. and simplify things. A 15% tax sounds great since you spend about 50% of your income in taxes from Federal to State and local. What is to stop them from making it a 100% tax? I didn't see anything in HR25 (I hope I got the bill # right) that put a check on that. I might have missed it. I believe the founders came up with a great taxing system. I have never found anything in the taxing laws that makes me or most Americans liable to pay a Federal Income
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