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  1. Ayn Rand famously said that “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others”, and the importance of this principle is illustrated in the profound difference between the characters of Howard Roark and Peter Keating in The Fountainhead. I am, nevertheless, wondering whether or not it is immoral to take advantage of “competitive spirit” as a physiological tool when you are working, training etc. Your fundamental motivation should of course not steam from “…the desire to beat others”, but could it be justified as physiological tool to help you achieve a certain goal (with a proper fundamental motivation)?
  2. Hi I am trying to figure out how much time and energy it is proper for me use on staying healthy. Unfortunately, I do not have very much knowledge about this topic. Considering this, it would benefit me tremendiosly to read some introductory books about health (both related to excersise and diet), and the positive effects staying healthy can have (cost and benefit, you know). Can any of you recommend something to read? Kristen
  3. What is the difference (except that to "find something you can be passionate about" include several possible passions)?
  4. What specifically does Philosophy: Who Needs It? has to offer on this? I have not read it, but I think I have a generally good overview of the importance of philosophy.
  5. The heroes in Ayn Rand’s fiction is incredibly passionate about their work. I am a 16 years old High School student, and would simply like to discover mine. How can I do it? Are you familiar with any technique I should use? Are there relevant books I should read? Or lectures I should listen to? Anything else?
  6. I have wondered lately about how many Objectivists there are. My knowledge is limited to Norway, and I think we are about 100. On the global scale, I have absolutely no idea. What do you think?
  7. Hi My name is Kristen, and I am a 16 years old High School student from Nannestad, Norway. Discovered Ayn Rand when I was 14, and have been "in love" the Objectivism since. Objectivist books I have read include: - Atlas Shrugged (A.R.) - Anthem (A.R.) - The Fountainhead (A.R.) - OPAR (Leonard Peikoff) - The DIM Hypothesis (Leonard Peikoff) - Viable Values (Tara Smith) - Parts of The Virtue of Selfishness (A.R.) - Parts of Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics (Tara Smith) My overall project in these days is to define a value hierarchy and improve my character. My questions on this forum are, therefore, going to be related to this. Kristen
  8. The ABC conjecture was probably a bad example, then, but the question is still relevant. What is the proper relationship to math you cannot prove, but "only works"?
  9. Hi I am student at a High School in Norway. One of my favorite subjects is math, and I have been able to skip one year due to very good results. Unfortunately, I have realized that most of what we learn is math whiteout any proper validation: A simple example is that we learnt the ABC formula and how to use it without any explanation of why it actually work. I can, of course, see that the formula work, but not understand why it do so. My question is, therefore: What is the proper relationship to knowledge (for example math) you cannot validate? Kristen
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