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  1. What's the justification for keeping the monuments in question? If former communist and fascist countries can tear down monuments built during the rule of evil regimes then I don't see why the monuments in question can't be removed. Either that or have their values subverted, e.g. the Stalin Monument in Budapest. Why glorify a belligerent, treasonous, and slave-holding power? Commemorate the individuals who suffered under racial-collectivism instead.
  2. Thanks. The Tara Smith mp3 looks fantastic, I'll be buying it soon. I've read the Art of Living Consciously by Branden and found it a great help.
  3. I'll bump it to the top of my reading list based on your recommendation. I can certainly relate to that; rediscovering Objectivism has led me to question entrenched ideas.
  4. Thank you. I read it many years ago when I doubt that I fully appreciated it or Rand's other works. A mass re-read is in order!
  5. That's an excellent piece of advice, I'll keep it in mind. I agree. I was looking for a middle ground between the laxity of Epicureanism and the severity of Stoicism when I realised that I'd already come across a philosophy which fits the bill: Objectivism. Thanks for reminding me of the metaphysical/man-made distinction, it will help me move away from Stoic resignation. Thank you!
  6. Thanks. To answer your last question first, I was influenced by Rorty and his shoulder-shrugging relativism and disintegration which was bad psychologically,as you can imagine. Also by Epicurus, the Stoics and Buddhism, so I became stagnant because I wasn't achieving anything. As someone once commented, Epicurus's pleasures are more like that of a corpse than of a living person. This all stems from despondency at failing at something which was important to me and going on to working menial jobs. I agree with Rand that a purpose is essential to structure a person's life so I'
  7. I'm 28 and from the UK. I was into Objectivism years ago but drifted away for reasons I can't quite remember - probably not good ones! My interest has been rekindled because I'm looking into virtue ethics and because I'm struggling with finding a purpose in life, and Objectivism has interesting things to say on these issues. I'm examining the problems having a bad philosophy has had for me and how Oism could potentially help.
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