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    Fairly new, have read 100 Voices, Anthem, and am partly through Atlas Shrugged. Entered an essay contest for the ARI for the $2,000 grant.
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  1. Hello all. I am new to the forum, as one may conclude, but am very curious as to learn more about Objectivism. I have read Anthem, much after reading through LaVey's ideals that he sorted into the beautiful scripture that is the Satanic Bible. While the 'religious' side of Satanism still turns me away, the likeness that it has to the views of Rand, and from there, discovered her philosophies and the scope of people that also hold the same view. Other than that, I have read the biography of Rand, 100 Voices, by Scott McConnell, and would love nothing more than see other views that are similar to the ones that she represented. After I had learned more of Objectivism and read Anthem, I continued as to read unto Atlas Shrugged. I can definitely say that it is quite the daunting read, especially for one that is so young and ignorant. I do not commit to Rand's views completely just yet, as I am still growing and developing, and am still extremely malleable. However, I find it intriguing, that what I thought were my own singular beliefs were held by the great LaVey, such a powerful man, and such a powerful and independent woman such as Rand. I feel as though I can relate to her in many ways, as I get to know more about her in a personal manner, such as her style, mannerisms, emotions, and lack there of. It is almost as though there is a reflection of her within me, but this is most likely just the dreams of the youth. Ending my pseudo rant here, I just wanted to say hello, and I hope that I can contribute well to the discussion that takes place, and become less ignorant to my surroundings, as I have little knowledge of world affairs and the inner working of governmental systems, but I have looked well into Communism and Capitalism and find the latter to be the best, though this may be coming from a white, male, upper-middle class kid, who has yet to deal with real hardships in life. So, yeah. Thanks guys and gals!
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