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  1. The subtitle of this thread "All about the masculine and the feminine" does not seem a good fit to the main title of "Homosexuality vs. Heterosexuality", since there is no firm connection between a man's sexual tastes and his masculinity in the conventional sense. Most of my gay male friends are quite masculine or "butch" in the vernacular, whereas a few are "nelly". A gay man can be an "Ennis Del Mar" or a Truman Copote or somewhere in between. I consider myself masculine and I am sexually attracted to other masculine gay men. Nelly men are a definite sexual turn-off for me. I know enough other men with similar tastes to realize that this is not unusual. If I brought up this subject on a gay forum, I would immediately be shouted down and told that, by being masculine and prefering masculine men, that I was denying my true nature--that to be gay I should be a finger snapping queen. So it appears to be a universal confusion.
  2. I saw the movie last month in Atlanta and plan to see it again when it comes to my local theater. It's the best movie I've seen in the past year. I couldn't get the movie out of my head and thought about it for days. I also downloaded the Annie Proulx short story upon which it is based. The short story is available for free on Proulx's website. It is a great movie on many levels--for the photography, the direction, the acting and the romanticism. Above all, it tells an engaging story. The two main characters, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are ordinary and conventional men caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The viewer wants very much for them to find a happy resolution to their dilemma. Jack is the one who tries hardest to find a resolution, but Ennis, hampered by fear is the tragic figure. An engaging morality tale--fight for your values and your happiness. Don't miss it.
  3. Oops.! I mis-read your profile. You live in Lagrange but did not grow up there. I see we have the same birthday, however. John
  4. Thanks Burgess. I suppose Objectivism Study Group is a rather obvious name for a study group on Objectivism. Of course, there is Bob Stubblefield's group by that name. I understand there was also a group at UT/Austin by that name in the 1990s. While it would be nice to think the group I founded at UT remained in existence for 25 years, I suspect it is a later incarnation taking the same obvious name. John
  5. Our camp ground keeps a low profile--just a web page and word of mouth. I see you grew up in Lagrange, TX. When I went to UT/Austin in the 60's the chicken ranch was quite famous. And that was long before Marvin Zindler and TBLWHIT.
  6. I teach the one and two-semester precalculus courses, the three semester calculus courses, the differential equations course and the real analysis course,; sometimes I teach the linear algebra course. Sorry, I don't know the distinction between AB and BC calculus. I know those are distinctions used for high school calculus courses and that's all I know.
  7. Hello, I'm a college mathematics professor. I have been studying Objectivism for 40 years ever since I read Atlas Shrugged during my Junior year of college in January 1964. In 1965 I became actively involved in the "Organization for Students of Objectivism" at the University of Texas at Austin. During that time I wrote a letter to Nathaniel Branden describing one of our campus activities. Ayn Rand published my letter in The Objectivist (Oct. 1966) and made some great comments about it. A year later while in New York City, I met Ayn Rand and was able to introduce myself as the author of that letter. She remembered, and said she was most happy to meet me.. When the Organization for Students of Objectivism disbanded in 1969, I started a follow-on organization called the Objectivism Study Group. In 1970 I left Austin to attend graduate school at Auburn University in Alabama. After getting my Ph. D. in mathematics in 1975, I taught one year at LSU in Baton Rouge, then took a permanent position at Tuskegee University in Alabama where I remain today. I have maintained my interest in Objectivism and have participated in online Objectivism study groups since 1994. I live on a 33 acre rural estate with my partner of seven years, Wade. Together we operate a camp ground and lodge for gay men called Black Bear Camp. John W. Bales
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