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    I'm just trying to make new friends. That's all!
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    I don't want to post my real name on the Internet, but my nickname is Starlight.
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    I would rather be a mysterious stranger, so I'm not going to publicize any information about myself on my profile page. All I think you should know about me is I am asexual and aromantic. Before you say anything I will explain what this means; for all the people who don't know; but I am going to summarize it. Basically, a person who is aromantic and asexual is not sexually or romantically attracted to anyone. They are not interested in men or women!!! They never get horny and they never fall in love. They have no romantic or sexual desires, so if you are addicted to sex and if you have a dirty mindset; please don't contact me. I can't stand horny freaks! Just leave me alone!!!!
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    To be honest, I think reading is boring. I'm not too fond of it. I love to write and express myself creatively. I'm excellent at putting my thoughts into words.
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    I am unemplyed and I am not in college. I don't have any work experience because I never had a job.
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    Writing & Giving helpful advice to everybody!

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