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  1. The truth is that the majority of northern Greeks are proud that they are Greeks, and speak modern Greek, the closest language to ancient Greek which is the perfect language. Also greek culture is the most important in the whole world: philosophy, poetry, architecture, sculpture and generally all kinds of science and art had developed in that region, in this specific period (1500-300 B.C.). Ancient Macedonians were speaking this language.For example Philippos, father of Alexander, in greek actually means friend of horse(philos+ippos). The slavic language has nothing to do with this culture. In fact Two Greek monks from Thessaloniki which lies in northern Greece, Kirillos and Methodios had found the slavic alphabet in order to make the (back to that era) savage slavic races more civilized for the benefit of the byzantine empire many centuries later(800-1000 A.C.). The center of ancient Macedonian Empire was in Pella, Greece. Philippos, Alexander the Great and their ancestors were speaking greek, and they had managed to unite all the other city-states of Greece in order to defeat the tyranic Perse Emperor, who had invaded several times in Greece. Though outnumbered they conquered the enormous Pesrsian Empire because of the genious strategy of the greek macedonian army. Unfortunatelly this was the only way to stop Persians' invations. Personally, I don't bother if the modern Macedonians want to call themselves that way. They can also call themselves Americans, or Chinese, I don't bother. The thing that does bother me is the part of that people who want to alternate history and steal elements of other nations. There are some dangerous Macedonian nationalists who insist that Ancient Macedonians are slavian which for historians is a joke, but simple-minded people can be persuaded. Be true, peace and love!
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