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  1. Your first year at college can be intimidating. Especially since most high school students in the US have not been explicitly taught to excel at a collegiate level. More often than not, high schoolers are simply not equipped with the tools, mentality or skills to make the smooth transition from 12th grade to their freshman yr at their University of choice. However, with effort, focus and some determination... anyone can do well in their preferred fields, get their full credits and pass their classes with a solid understanding of the material that they are expected to have
  2. Poker is one of my most favored activities that also happens to have long lasting neurological effects (as a result of extensive playing). I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of playing upwards of 8,500 hands of poker in the last several months alone (online play). While this isn’t a long enough period of time to result in the “burned in” synaptic wiring that corresponds to the many repeated-a-session. It’s certainly a start! The more I played the more I built up a repertoire of strategy and techniques that I could apply to every succeeding hand after learning something from the previ
  3. Perhaps this subject has been exhausted or maybe it hasn't been touched upon. I'm not really sure. But I would like some of your thoughts nonetheless. There has been a resurgence in the online community in the last couple of months regarding IQ tests and their viability. You may have heard people discussing the topic of famous people with high IQ's, such as Madonna, Bill Gates, even Mr. Bean. Whom all showed phenomenal scores on their IQ assessments. Most likely, many of you have taken these online tests. I know my friends have. And to my initial disbelief, many of whom were a
  4. I may have a simple remedy for you, as I myself have been burdened with an indecisive brain. You evidently have a particular way of addressing choices or decisions that average people may not quite understand. So immediately I'm left to believe most people will not be able to advise you, as the variables of your situation are a bit diverse and uncommon (not easily relate-able). Generally you get a sense of the feelings that manifest in a character of a book, by relating to their tribulations. It seems to me that your tribulations are a bit more unusual! The technique I'm going to mention
  5. Intelligence is expressed in lots of ways. Typically in this day and age, smarts is synonymous with academic achievement. Sometimes adults who did not go to college, feel they essentially have not achieved a level of raw intelligence that their peers in contrast may have developed as a result of extensive schooling. However, what most modern stigma-setters fail to acknowledge, is that studying at university is not the end all be all to developing a robust flourishing brain . Take for example athletic achievement. Sure, an athlete utilizes a form of intelligence that is much
  6. Don't confuse the mere decoding of words and fluent pronunciation of them with deep comprehension of material. Often times if you do not focus, you generally will read entire paragraphs having not understood any of the concepts within. This happens when you do not have a vested interest in the topic you are reading, thus you make very loose if any associations in your brain. Understanding is jeopardized by a lack of enthusiasm as reading feels more like a burdensome task rather than a rich exciting exploration of literary world's. It's often recommended to slow
  7. I would like to expand on a topic that I originally wrote about in the Objectivismonline Chat room. The topic of human evolution and survival. You may or may not be aware, but our sun (like many stars) eventually will burn out after a period of initial expansion in which the Earth will be consumed by the expanding and dying star. Most scientist's today realize that such an event is far off (5 billion years from now) and due to the very long length of time in which this will eventually occur, there is no immediate need to prepare for such an event. When scientists grapple with t
  8. In his book, The Shallows, blog writer Nicholas Carr shares his view on how internet use in the modern age is effectively limiting the cognitive capacities of the current generation plus future generations to come. Inferring from just the title of his book, The Shallows, Nicholas Carr depicts a world whose reading habits barely graze the surface of content and rarely plunge deeper than the superficial levels of reading we are so accustomed to in our current digital age. In contrast to some popular research findings that internet use and digital immersion is in fact beneficial for the huma
  9. Gee Wiz. First of all, thank you for the post. I enjoyed reading it from start to finish! I am someone who tends to talk a lot. But I try to do 50% listening and 50% speaking. Usually I will ask questions about someone, and give them ample opportunity to tell me about themselves as I do not swarm the entire conversation (monopolize talking). And I let them express their ideas as much as they'd like because I love learning via listening. I will also bring up subjects that interest me, and ask someone what they think of a topic. I will often also ask them what definitions are of differ
  10. Actually, in most places on earth, an intelligent mind is considered the best asset of all human characteristics. A smart brain, is a sexy brain. However, physical insecurities run rampant even through the most beautiful of peoples minds. In fact, some may have inferred that the prettier one is, the stronger their physical insecurities are (as a fragile ego) - swayed in to insecurity by one backwards cap comment about how "unattractive you are!" I may be a bit overweight. But I am strong, like a football player. I try to manifest a strong bubble of confidence. I am smart and fun
  11. Thank you for an interesting response. You made some great points. I guess what I am left with considering, is how on earth one could obtain the level of creativity needed to create advanced technologies... Such as understanding of say, creating transmissible data, through optic cables that break down an image into bytes, travel such data through optic cables, and then recreate the image on a PC Monitor, half way across the globe. (Sorry if that is a mouth full.) Such a technically complex action is greatly possible due to human innovation. I just would like to believe that
  12. A friend recommended me this book. The synopsis is that technology such as microchips, military stealth and other technologies were developed as the result of our Government obtaining alien technologies. My immediate feeling is that such a reality is possible. However, I feel that aliens would not deliberately share any such technologies with a nuclear crazed world population. It is then, that my friend coined in that the technology was not given to us, but found at the Roswell crash site. Then, reverse engineered. And poof, technology existed! The reality that begins to un
  13. Paperback and hardcover are so cheap on Amazon, when they are used. I don't mind a little wear on the books I buy. I'm getting Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged in a 2 book boxset. http://www.amazon.com/Ayn-Rand-Box-Set/dp/0451947673/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1456290252&sr=1-4&keywords=ayn+rand I've lost my previous editions. I'm going to read these, then I can really join the discussion.
  14. It's the home of the great Burt Monroe, whose Indian motorcycle won him records at Bonneville Salt Flats!
  15. I believe to understand Shakespeare requires familiarity with a lot of other similar works (writing and plays - new and old). More exposure to various supports, likely aids in understanding. A novice like me simply can not muster the ability to leave the shallows, in hopes to swim in the deep end (understanding Shakespeare). Understanding Shakespear is no easy task.
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