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    Playing guitar, teaching guitar, touring, making albums, collecting classic cars, drag racing.

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    United States
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    Tom Hess
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    I'm an entrepreneur in the guitar teaching world (own multiple successful business), Have played and toured as a professional guitar player around the world. Primary website: tomhess.net
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    I've read (at least once) every Ayn Rand book that is currently published in audio format. (I prefer to listen instead of read). I have a very good understanding of the premises, concepts, principles and applications of Objectivism. I'd say my level of understanding is very good, but I am seeking to absolutely master it (meaning, I want to become even more fluent when arguing for Objectivist ideals.
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    Roosevelt University
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    Entrepreneur in the guitar instruction industry

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  1. It's been 5 years since this thread was last active (that by itself i find very strange indeed). I'm curious if there are any new books for kids/teens based on Objectivist Ideals? Strange that nobody (to my knowledge) has yet written a teen/children's book on Objectivism.
  2. Yes, I have done that and joined the group... not sure if anything is happening yet, but I'm there. thanks
  3. I'm North West (far NW suburbs). I thought there might be some sort of hangout for local groups, however it seems there are few in the Chicagoland area.
  4. Are there any other active people here from the Chicago/Illinois area?
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