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    Playing guitar, teaching guitar, touring, making albums, collecting classic cars, drag racing.

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    United States
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    Tom Hess
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    I'm an entrepreneur in the guitar teaching world (own multiple successful business), Have played and toured as a professional guitar player around the world. Primary website: tomhess.net
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    I've read (at least once) every Ayn Rand book that is currently published in audio format. (I prefer to listen instead of read). I have a very good understanding of the premises, concepts, principles and applications of Objectivism. I'd say my level of understanding is very good, but I am seeking to absolutely master it (meaning, I want to become even more fluent when arguing for Objectivist ideals.
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    Roosevelt University
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    Entrepreneur in the guitar instruction industry

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I go by the name Tom Hess (not just "Tom"). My last name functions as if it was a second first name. My friends call me "Tom Hess" and I ask people to not call me simply "Tom". Thanks

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