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  1. Thanks for the reply! I like the way you think. So the idea is that when the brain is damaged sometimes a persons ability to reason, etc., is compromised, therefore the brain is what thinks? As to your second point: I understand that Mrs. Rand came to her conclusion by subjective introspection, but I do find it very interesting that they cannot prove that concepts are formed in the brain. I define proof as "evidence sufficient to convince."
  2. Hi guys! I hope you are doing well. I think Mrs. Rand's account of concept formation is fascinating and intelligent, however I see no proof for it in the field of neuroscience. I see no proof that concepts are formed in the brain at all, much less in the way that she describes. Am I missing some data? I understand that all concepts are supposed to have a perceptual base in reality according to Mrs. Rand, but I see no perceptual base for Mrs. Rand's account of concept formation.
  3. I maintain that while truth DOES exist, it is impossible to define accurately. I challenge anybody here who disagrees to give an accurate definition of truth.
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