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  1. The situation in Cuba is that the communism that they had faced it won't let them progress in some parts of the economy. In another hand, keeping Cuba as an independent country where people get equal rights and where people gain the same income had made them be prepared for everything that happens now after Fidel Castro. Cuba is a country rich in culture and with the globalization and the opportunities that they are next to face they will change in long term. We don't really know if it is for worst or if it is for best of Cuba, but I hope that maybe they get the chance of being more in touch with the world.
  2. Hello! It is satisfying seeing girls from Afghanistan having fun when in those countries the women don't have many rights. It is sad to know that they cannot use bicycles because they are female, but at least they are permitted to skateboard. Times are changing and with time I believe that the middle eastern culture can change in that perspective of seeing women. Thank you for sharing those amazing photographs and that article. I wanted to know, what is your point of view of what I said? It's interesting seeing and enjoying what other people want to share with you.
  3. Good morning, I really enjoyed your post and all about it, I love it, even when I do not agree with some parts of the analysis. I wanted to ask, what if the person doesn't have the opportunities to achieve those virtues? What if life had hit them so hard that is almost impossible to complete of maybe gain the potentials to do so? What if that person doesn't know anything about ethics? I'm interested in knowing how a person can change his way of seeing life and how to develops those virtues when you always had been a miserable person. Please answer me as soon as you see this message because I'm very curious about it.
  4. Hello, my name is Samuel Cruz. I'm a student of the University of Puerto Rico and I'm interested in knowing more about accounting and business topics. Right now I'm doing a research for my class of Business Communication and I want to learn about other cultures and how they interact with each other in a forum.
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