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  1. Those are just sources I threw out flippantly. I have more than them, significantly peer reviewed and academially published by professional scholars with enough research to their name on the relevant subjects whose works withstood scrutiny by other professionals on the relevant subjects. No. A respectable company wouldn't going to risk the expenses of airfare and other relocation issues just to save a Dollar or two on their wages absent of outside aid. Even in the case of Islamic terroism, Islam was by large an oddity in the United States until about the 1970s or so. Of the low millions of Islamic residents in the US today they're largely new arrivals in the 21st Century. Who used fugee benefits and other efforts to subsidize migration. I figure a noticeable amount of the individuals Powell worries about wouldn't even be in America absent of some help here and there.
  2. America merely has to adapt the immigration policies of one Singapore or Qatar if any. The dangers Powell associates with immigration from south of the border or the Islamic World can be countered through ending efforts to subsidize immigration. The population decline of the Siberian American was largely from non-sapient forces (plague) as opposed to organized effort, with their population noticeably smaller than what the American Holocaust narrative demands. There's a lack of evidence of planned mass death in the style of the Nazis among the North American colonies to call it a policy. Even during war and other conflicts, it was hardly just Europeans versus natives instead of there being European forces with SA allies against rival Europeans and other SAs. Anti-White tales of genocidal settlers seizing the Americas from the Nohle Savages are a distortion weaponized by the Left. For more on this: http://thealternativehypothesis.org/index.php/2016/06/02/the-non-genocide-of-northern-native-americans/ https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/47655-youtube-the-truth-about-the-native-american-genocide/
  3. This site came to my attention. In light of getting Donald Trump as president (who happens to be the White Obama), I figured some looking into the Objectivist crowd might be in order so that I can see some second opinions.
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