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  1. Please point out if I wasn't being objectivism in the conversation I am still learning about it and I would like to know how to better myself thank you
  2. That is true but forgive me for not stating clear in the question I think morality is something helps us to develop our race sustainably so to determine whether we are being moral or immoral or neutral can be assessed by our action, whether it can increase the standard of happiness and the development of humanity. Wasting food can be divided in a few categories, one is simply throw them and the one people cannot finished their meal therefore they have to waste it,etc... What i am focusing on is latter one, since wasting food is basically wasting resources which ultimately is bad fo
  3. As i believed most of us agree that food waste is immoral But i am a little bit confused here If we have to finish all the food we consumed, what about food that is unhealthy? For instance, the soup from noodle, they are totally edible but because it contains msg or sth really salty, we usually have to flush them away Or bread crumbs that fell to the bag, but because of our habits, most of us wont eat it, so technically we did waste those soup and crumbs, but are they considered it as immoral?
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