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  1. Why do so many objectivists seem obsessed with the likes of Sam Harris? I mean he criticizes Islamic Totalitarianism and points out the fundamental problems with theism but so what? He is a determinist through and through (say's free will doesn't exist) has said disgusting things about Ayn Rand and objectivism. Has no problem using state force for any means if he thinks they will benefit the "greater good" of society. Doesn't even know what the concept of free markets are. I mean when it comes to his political commentary the guy is an outright clown, he basically couldn't find any criticisms for the likes of Hillary Clinton. Do people like him because they have a deep-rooted hatred for Muslims and he can articulate the problems with and in islam far better than they could themselves? And also Dave Rubin, he seems like a decent guy but everyone who comes on his show he agrees with, one day you can convince him of objectivism/capitalism one day he can be convinced to be a conservative and the next day a socialist. This whole thing about classical liberals is special because of what, they aren't radical social justice warriors? So what they still don't under stand the concept of individual rights.
  2. Fair enough, I listened to Yaron this weekend on Amy Peikoff's show and he made that same position on immigration and it makes sense, I was struggling with it for I a while myself.
  3. Where does she state that he becomes immoral at the moment he lacks a "productive purpose"? It sounds like your projecting. She said "Productive work is the CENTRAL purpose of a rational man’s life, the central value that integrates and determines the hierarchy of all his other values". Central is not defined as the end all and be all. But a man's purpose to himself, (not society) is his productive work, the amount of productive work is completely subjective to the life of the individual, the idea that your only purpose would be to "work productively" your whole existence then afterwards life has no point is anti-reason and sounds like something a collectivist would impose on individuals. Being productive gives you the ability to do and experience other things in life you deem as important or fruitful, being productive as Rand stated is a "central value" but not the ONLY value in man's life. I don't mean to come off as demeaning but it seems as if you are over thinking this
  4. Though I fundamentally agree with this position, there is no downside to having complete open borders? I mean lets say if you had a come one, come all open border policy, why wouldn't 100 million people migrate to America in the next 6 months? Are you telling me with our current society there is no downside to that? Also I was listening to Yaron Brook's show last week, though he had a problem with trump's "Travel Ban" his main point was that it wasn't strong enough. He felt if Trump was really serious about banning threats then he would of put a ban on Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now if you agree with freedom of movement then how can you support a ban on certain people due to the "self interest" of the united states?
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