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  1. As I already said I asked that because I am simply curious... But I find it interesting that you're the only one who felt like there was an insinuation... How come everybody else just answered my questions, while you haven't answered a single one, but started an attack on my motives... I didn't ask how much time you spend in the forum; I just asked how you manage being such an active member... I have spent many hours reading the posts yesterday and many members where online for more than 4 hours... I am not saying there is something wrong in it, I just wanted to understand what kind of a lif
  2. Hello all! I am the green drow. I have just discovered this forum today and I find it absolutely fascinating... I have heard about Ayn Rand and read some, but for the moment I am more intrigued by the people that believe in her ideas... So please tell me, who are you? What do you do for a living? Tell me how these ideas made your life better... I have seen that many of you spend a great deal of time in this forum... How do you manage living a normal life (working, family...) and being such an active member?
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