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  1. A federal judge ruled the "supremacists" had a right to protest. It seems the reason violence occurred is because "counter protesters" gathered in an effort to block the lawful expression of free speech. Notwithstanding the murderous act of one individual who drove his vehicle into the crowd, is there a reasonable basis to blame the supremacists for the violence? I understand their position is objectionable, however the true value of the right to free speech is for the protection of speech some may consider objectionable. How is the action of the counter protesters different from recent incidents of students and others shouting down campus speakers and denying them their right to speak? I have not heard a single sole blame the counter protesters. If the supremacists had been left unmolested to merrily or perhaps nastily carry out their demonstration and go home, would any of this have happened? Many people believe abortion is murder. They consider abortion to be an abhorrent and evil act against the most innocent and defenseless. In a word, some consider abortion to be objectionable. If a "woman's march" or other "choice" protest were met by an armed and angry mob bent on the disruption of their free expression and clashes occurred, would we blame the freedom of choice people for perpetrating the violence?
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