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    I am new to Objectivism (birth into the fold summer of 2017)<br />
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    Ayn Rand: Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, Virtue of Selfishness<br />
    Counterintuitive works: Earth is Flat, Black Swan, Tipping Point<br />
    Legal Theory: The Decl. of Ind., Constitution, Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers<br />
    Philosophical Classics: The Art of War, The Prince, The Wealth of Nations, The Republic, The Bible, The Book of Mormon
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  1. Interesting feedback, thank you. Appreciate the forum to really act as teacher and sounding board. One's life truly is the only objective value. Living on in memory or posterity essentially requires an afterlife for value. Only value in your work continuing beyond your life is to benefit those you love (who aren't moochers).
  2. Thank you. I would see little difference between the two. If the monument will live beyond me, it seems worthwhile. But perhaps I'm in danger of practicing 'row boat philosophy' If my work would outlive me through my sacrifice, it seems like a fair trade of value. Maybe that's as much as it can be; a trade, the basis of value must still be one's own life...
  3. It is my understanding that one's own life is presented as the objective standard of value by Ayn Rand. Would it be Objective to also consider one's posterity and legacy as Objective Values? Perhaps, one would be willing to give up their own life in exchange for their genetic code passing on, or an immortalization of their work to live on for years beyond what their own life would have been?
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