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  1. The teachers in my son's school have various "tips and tricks" which do not necessarily make the lesson more interesting, but actually help break it down into units that the child can learn more easily. Not sure if one learns these through books, Montessori courses, or some other way.
  2. I started a Wiki page with a HUGE list of movie recommendations that have been made to me across various Objectivism-related discussion groups and forums. The list is a little dated, and does not yet include more recent movies.Objectivist Movie Recommendations I linked this from a page called .Objectivist Recommendations, but that page has not been linked into anything else... somewhere in Aesthetics perhaps?
  3. Thanks. I didn't think of it, because I've never visited the Wiki. I will check it out.
  4. My idea (related to a re-org) is to have an index for certain things. To me, the most important would be: movies and books. I'd love to see a single page that has an alphabetical list of the movies that have been mentioned on the forum, and links to the relevant posts or threads. The same for books, by age-group and then alphabetical. I'm willing to put my time where my mouth is on this. If there is some way I can help gather such a list, even if it incomplete to start, I'd be happy to help. Another list that deserves a page is the poetry. Not sure how best that could be organized. The way I see it in my mind is a sub-section on the site could be something less clumsy than "Art that Objectivists like/dislike".
  5. Adleza: Very interesting post. Long, but I made it to the end The exact manifestation of your problem is unclear to me? How does a lingering belief in God manifest itself to you? You mention being thankful to God etc. -- like automatic prayers. What else?
  6. In one of the "Apprentice" clones, the contestants were "street people" for one episode. Not sure what task they had to achieve.
  7. Hi PennDrago, With 25 votes in how's your theory shaping up? Just curious.
  8. Where in Objectivism does it say that "strings" (i.e. conditions) cannot be attached to property when it is sold? For instance, if Roark had sold his Cortland design for a fee with the condition that it be built exactly as he designed it, an Objectivist court would uphold his right to enforce that condition. Firstly, this is an equivocation on the term "entities". The term "legal entity" has a specific meaning. Let me give you an example: if I own a large amount of stock in a company and the company does something egregious, the company can be sued, not me qua owner. Secondly, even entities in the epistemological sense do not exist intrinsically. Sorry, I did not intend to imply that the police had to rent or buy. I was referring to what they could do morally. I see nothing incompatible between Objectivism's idea of capitalism and allowing the police to rent or to own property. You could, if it is practical. However, the structure and control of the police as it exists today (structure, not the particular laws enforced) is fairly compatible with Objectivism's idea of capitalism.
  9. I heard this question put to a self-made businessman once. If he was ever down and out and in a strange town where nobody recognized him, he'd go back to where he started: home delivery. Stores like Sears don't use employees for deliveries. He would go around and convince store managers to use him for deliveries. He would use a rented truck. Not much capital required. A few hundred dollars as "security" if one did not have a credit card.
  10. The stockholders have agreed to let the managers of the company make decisions for them. The law recognizes the company as a "legal entity", with the managers as its agents. If enough shareholders want the company to do something ("enough" according to the rules defined by that company) they can hire managers who will execute their wishes. Meanwhile, they are bound by the rules they have implicitly agreed to when buying the shares. I will go further to say that I do not see anything inherently wrong with government agencies owning property as long as it is done for good reason and subject to checks aand balances. I see no reason to insist on the police renting their offices or the military leasing its tanks. Technically, this is not "public" property. It is government property.
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