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  1. Can you please source some evidence for such a lofty claim? It sounds like you are just calling things invalid because it doesn't support your egalitarian world view. I always found it fascinating how much in common mainstream Objectivists had with the far left. Disregard for biological differences between the races and genders being one of them.
  2. Asian, the 3 main racial groups are Asian, European, and African, however, their can be subraces of said race. For example, for Europeans theres Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean.
  3. Hey guys, I have taken David's advice and am refining my racial theory and how it ties into my Neo Objectivist philosophy so I can make my arguement complete for you. However, feel free to chat amongst yourselves about race realism. I should be back with you folks tomorrow.
  4. They are distinguishable from other races, if they breed together in a specific location they will be distinguishable from other isolated populations. Back then when races formed it was not so easy to traverse natural barriers. I did not bring up continents, someone else asked me why races are limited to continents. I have sourced several studies, what more do you want?
  5. Im sorry about the confusion, I figured this thread might go all over the place considering the topic. Just help me understand how this concept, if true, affects the philosophy and if possible send me a study of that gene theory you mentioned.
  6. If I understand your question correctly, Objectivism holds that concepts must be empirically varified, does my evidence not varify the concept of race?
  7. Military invasion is not regular interaction, and when I say Africans im not talking about the ones in Africa but the whole race, same for Europeans, and Asians. It seems you're getting into the continuum fallacy. Just because the lines maybe blurred doesnt mean race doesnt exist, if this were the case then color wouldnt exist.
  8. What I said has nothing to do with whether one race is superior to another, east asians have the highest IQ and Africans have the lowest this is not racism but fact. Sorry if I misread your last comment. My arguement holds that science has disproven tabula rasa and that certain genes do correspond to certain behavior. I do believe in free will but within the framework that your genes allow.
  9. The race concept and racism are two different things. If you insist on calling me a racist fine, but know this. I reject that name for the same reason I reject the term Suppressive that scientologists give me, Counter revolutionary by Marxists, and Heretic by religious zealots. It's just words you and your collective like to call others just to shut down discourse and bully the opposition.
  10. Yes, as stated earlier to 2046 certain genes do correspond to behavioral patterns. As for Thomas Sowell he is a bright man, but there is eventually regression to the mean where his offspring will eventually regress to the racial average.
  11. Yes but if race is a valid concept and these genetic characteristics and behavioral patterns remain true, how does this affect the philosophy?
  12. I would say on the contrary, I really would like to discuss how the race concept affects Objectivist philosophy, it is really why I came here. As for changing genes you're gonna have to provide me with some studies because this is the first time ive heard of it.
  13. I said it's key, not that intelligence equals virtue quite a distinction.
  14. This is rediculous North America and South America are attached but they're still seperate continents. I stand by my original definition.
  15. Your post doesn't make sense. I provided a link to a study that was done to illustrate to you the differences, im not a scientist, but if you want an answer from me the differences would be a tendency to codependency and low time preference. Are you guys not looking at my links, id say that is a blankout because you people want so bad for your conclusions to be right that you cant stand to have them challenged.
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