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    I only heard of Objectivism and Ayn Rand in name. I haven't read any books yet, but I had some idea that it sounds like a good philosophy that I might agree with.
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  1. Hey, thanks. I'm glad somebody is wishing the best for me.
  2. I was raised to believe in the Christian concept of God, but eventually found that I walked away because of my own personal issues and being mad at the current scenario the whole world society is in. I just don't want to reconcile why a God is so jealous of humans and how we need to trust in him, etc. I just couldn't talk to him the way I once did. I never objectively believed the god didn't exist, that is a different question. I don't really think it is a contradiction, but I always had more of a knee-jerk response to err on the side of allowing people to be "free to choose to stuff themselves with McDonalds" or any other "bad" vice for some reason. Isn't this supposed to be a contradiction?
  3. So many companies and businesses are either extending into or natively operating on a digital/internet business model and work is generally being replaced by machines. So many jobs are going to be gone in the next decade. I think this is going to make the distortions and socio-economic gaps we already have in society much worse. Personally, since I have some "real-world adult" living issues because of certain neurological diagnosis I have, I am quite concerned that we are going to head down a bad path in the future and I will be "left behind" even further and I will never be able to "make it" any step as an adult at all. I also want to ask everyone what their opinion is about something else. The changing ways of doing business like watching a movie or shopping, and the effects of business like concentration of ownership of media with newspapers and (formerly) locally-managed TV/radio stations is creating a scenario in the private market that can be analogous to centralization or Communism in many ways. I think this is a kind of concern of mine also. If watching movies you don't physically own on a shared server (e.g. Netflix) is here to stay and physical media is on it's way to extinction, I feel some kind of doom for even the next 5 years, I am uncertain about it. Besides my personal view, what does everyone here think about it?
  4. What got me interested was that the political/social tendencies I grew up to embrace, I found out, were largely reflected in this person named Ayn Rand and this strange thing she wrote about called Objectivism. I heard Ayn Rand and Objectivism only by name before, and some time recently, decided to dig into more insight on what proper Objectivist philosophy is supposed to be. Other opinions of mine: I am actually theist, but non-religious and probably would also fit into the "mad at God" kind of belief. I am mainly pro-free market capitalism, but I can still feel pretty cynical about excess consumerism and how it affects our bodies, minds, and social environment.
  5. I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania which incidentally happens to be surrounded by Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. It's the 4th largest city in the state. I really do wish that I can see it grow more again in my lifetime, but I don't really see it likely to happen. I'm probably one of the relative few Erie-ites on the internet these days. I haven't read anything of Rand's yet, but I am interested in reading them and getting more depth into the Objectivist mind.
  6. Hello, my handle name on here is Sonic & Knuckles from the old video games. I am 26-years-old and new to Objectivist philosophy, even though I heard about Ayn Rand, her philosophy and her book titles in name before. I think I'll end up digging deeper into it from being on here and wanting to read some of her actual literature. Because of the title of my thread, I grown up in the old American Rust Belt (around Lake Erie in the Northeastern states), and never lived or visited much outside that small region. And I happen to feel frustrated by it's economic and population decline. I literally said before that I was born too late, but I realize that's kind of bad sometimes. I just hope this is the right forum where I interact with people my age today that agree and understand at least half of my life and stories. I'm also going to "return-welcome" everyone else.
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