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  1. The quote above is from wikipedia. From what I know I don't think Rand came from a Jewish family. Can someone verify this, and make necessary changes to the wikipedia if necessary.
  2. Sudbury Schools where the men of the mind learn in freedom. Sudbury Schools
  3. The Congressman have been put in place by the bankers, they are part of the system. You cannot expect a centralized entity to be able to maintain a gold and silver standard without infiltration from the central banking money power. Please see The Coming Battle-A History of Central Banking You'll need a banking structure that's completely decentralized and redundant.
  4. A really good site for downloading music is Magnatune Artist's keep the rights to their music Artists's get 50% of the profits from sales of their music, the other 50% goes to Magnatune. Purchase music anonymously using DGC's (Digital Gold Currencies). Magnatune currently accepts E-gold
  5. Some good things happening in China: The Peasant Tiananmen Time Bomb Intellectuals of the Austrian School in China Sino Liberal I've been in China for 3 years, and there is a BIG thirst for new ideas. Anyone know where I can get the Chinese Version of the "Virtue of Selfishness" The quote above represents the main issue I have with IP (Intellectual Property Rights), which have been addressed well here: Intellectual Property Archive Peer to Peer technologies could be used to bring down these collectivist/dictatorships down overnight by allowing people in general to download information without being censored. Too bad that the ideas that need to get out, are being kept in by IP Statist Luddites. Luddite
  6. Necessary_Truths-You've got good taste and I was thinking the same thing, except I also think Juliette Binoche in Chocolat could play Dagny T. I'd like to see Johnny Depp for Francisco D Anconia. Harrison Ford for John Galt, although Harrison Ford is a bit older, his personality fits.
  7. A History of Banking in the United States The Coming Battle
  8. Two really good books that I really enjoyed: The Coming Battle PDF The Coming Battle HTML The Lodging of Wayfaring Men Enjoy!!
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