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  1. Actually, we appear to agree on very little. Government shouldn't side with anyone. In fact, it should butt out and create an environment where men are free to pursue their own rational self interest. The proper role of government is to protect individual rights, not to pick winners and losers. There are many reasons why "the average Joe" doesn't become a billionaire (although some certainly have) and I tend to doubt that what stops them is "plain stupidity and lack of virtue". As with all presidents, some of what Reagan did was good and some of it was very bad. In this country, the general trend has been toward less personal freedom and bigger, more intrusive government since at least the New Deal. In some limited areas Reagan might have been a small speed bump in front of government, but the overall trend has continued.
  2. Kudos to that school Superintendent in Rhode Island. Reagan had the right idea when he fired the air traffic controllers after refusing to bow to their ridiculous demands. Some union members mistakenly believe that they can't be replaced. That couldn't be farther from the truth.
  3. I certainly would not. That isn't necessary and I don't see the point of nuking Jakarta. Do you?
  4. This is what you get in Michigan, where the unions control the state. People are leaving in droves and incomes are dropping like a rock, but the unions and the politicians in their back pockets keep demanding more of the same. Just this week, Democratic Governor Granholm announced her proposed state budget that levies new sales taxes on services and does very little to cut back on government worker pay and benefits. If this continues, I might have to move to Haiti to live in relative freedom and prosperity.
  5. There are plenty of "Wesley Mouch" characters in this government. Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Henry Waxman, Chuck Schumer, etc...... and of course, the Chief Mouch: President Obama. I'm sure there are more than a few Republican Mouchers, but right now they seem rather inconsequential.
  6. gags

    Global Warming

    But...but...but... what about the children?
  7. Unfortunately, under the current mixed economic system many of those making large sums benefit from favors and deals being passed out by politicians. That is the inevitable result of combining economics with politics.
  8. Good, I'm glad to hear that he's still in it.
  9. Are there any recent polls showing where the various Republican candidates stand in terms of support?
  10. I have a kithcen with a vaulted ceiling where I'm using CFL spotlight bulbs only because they do not generate as much heat as the incandescents. Due to the pitch of roof and other factors, the heat from incandescents has caused problems with ice damning and roof leaks in the winter. I would prefer to use regular incandescents in this application because I don't particularly like the light from the CFLs, nor do I like the fact that they take several minutes to give off their full amount of light. On top of that they're more expensive and while they may last somewhat longer than standard bulbs, they certianly don't last the advertised 7 years.
  11. The Dems are in full meltdown mode. This morning the Boston Globe published a column by Brian McGrory that is just about as strange as it gets. http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_...ry_seduced.html
  12. Sort of like laying out bread-crumbs for the pigeons. They always come back and shit on you.
  13. There could be no more fitting tribute to the wasted life of Ted Kennedy than the following from the NY Times article: The election left Democrats in Congress scrambling to salvage a bill overhauling the nation’s health care system, which the late Mr. Kennedy had called “the cause of my life.” Mr. Brown has vowed to oppose the bill, and once he takes office the Democrats will no longer control the 60 votes in the Senate needed to overcome filibusters. There were immediate signs that the bill had become imperiled. House members indicated they would not quickly pass the bill the Senate approved last month. I wonder, do dead Kennedys spin in their graves?
  14. Clearly he continues to enjoy a large base of support in Venezuela. Unfortunately conditions usually have to get pretty bad before the moochers and the parasites decide that they can't take any more.
  15. Yes, if the Republicans have demonstrated anything in recent years, it's that they have an amazing ability to choose political expediency over principal. People need to keep constant pressure on the Republicans to do the right thing and to make it clear that they will not get our support when they vote in favor of bad policies.
  16. The fact that Obama made a stupid crack about the guy's pick-up truck is comical. I thought he was the working man's President.
  17. Some of the Democrats on the talking head shows are saying that now Obama needs to "double down". In other words, he should take a hard left turn. Apparently the American people rejected Democrat candidates in New Jersey, Virginia and Mass because they weren't left-wing enough. Can they really be serious?
  18. You're right Freestyle, they certainly won't go away and they still may be able to ram it through. That is now quite a bit more difficult.
  19. Other than Peter Schiff, is there anyone in national politics who is worthy of your vote?
  20. Well, I think that's where Harry Reid is on healthcare legislation right now. He is very likely to lose in November and he sees this legislation as buying him a place in history. One can only hope the other politicians in the House and Senate are less committed to the cause and thus more likely to want to save their electoral asses.
  21. I wonder if that would actually happen in the event that Brown wins. Remember, each Congressman has to run every two years and a Brown victory in Mass, the bluest of blue states, would send shock waves through both the House and the Senate. Pelosi might have a tough time getting the simple majority she needs to pass the bill.
  22. I don't know the context of the clip either, but I have listened to the Ed Schultz Show and he's quite a left-wing agitator. The other day he was ranting and raving about how even if healthcare reform isn't everything "we" (I guess he means leftists) want it to be, it will still represent a huge political victory for Democrats and must be supported because of that fact alone. Who cares about destroying the finest healthcare system in the world, political victory for Obama should be our primary concern.
  23. Patton did have a certain way with words, didn't he? I think you've also nailed it. In the military, as with any large organization, you have many individuals working toward the same goal. This isn't collectivist any more than being an employee of a large corporation or a member of a sports team requires a collectivist mindset. For certain rather obvious reasons, sensitive details about a given military situation aren't distributed to everyone in the chain of command, so each individual needs to do what his/her superior tells him to do. Deviating from that disciplined approach puts the military's mission at risk and threatens your own life as well as the lives of one's fellow soldiers.
  24. Does anyone happen to know anything about the history of earthquakes in Haiti? Did this one come as completely unexpected or does the island sit near a known fault line?
  25. They'd probably do what we should have done and the Japanese should do. Bomb him.
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