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  1. Hello Eiuol, I guess the main purpose is to make students think and look for the arguments in order to prove the statement - they should come to the conclusion that mirror is the marker of objectivism, since it can show the reality (in comparison with other tools people use). Lumusislight Corpus Christi Projects | Ovjectivism College Course
  2. Here's the image that I want to use (attached). But perhaps, if you've seen somewhere an image of a person in the tunnel heading to the mirror at the end of the tunnel (that's what I've seen, but can't find now), I'd appreciate if you could share it. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, Not sure if this question is ok here, but need your advice. I have to make up a task for the Objectivism course and I've an idea. I was thinking about a picture of a person looking in the mirror. And then the question will be about the reasons the author chose to use the mirror in the scene. But it seems to be too obvious.. I mean wouldn't it be better to use the image of a person who is heading to the mirror which is not visible to us (I've seen such a picture, but can't find it now)? Sorry for such a messy explanation... Hope you understand what I mean. The task should be a difficult one, and it should also ignite a discussion in groups. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Lumusislight
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