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  1. Hello everyone. My question is simple. Public university is supported by government via taxation. Taxation is obviously evil because it implies that government has the faculty to taking our property away. Going to a public university implies supporting evil ideas? Thank you
  2. Understood. Thank you for your response! It has really helped me for thinking more about the topic as well
  3. Really good answer! Your comments have helped me a lot in order to thinking clearly of this topic. Thank you very much
  4. I understand but, don't you think that if a student knew that the material he has received from his teacher have been got illegaly (copying without author permission) must not use it? I think that by not using a material that has been copied illegaly, the student acts in a way in which he shows respect for the property rights of others. I believe that respecting property rights is indisputably more important than passing an exam. Surely passing exams is valuable, but what about infringing others rights? (If you identify flaws in my understanding of these ideas let me know, maybe I'm wrong in what I've written) Thank you
  5. And I suppose that the pupil shouldn't make use of the material provided by the teacher, right?
  6. Sorry for not being specific. When I was writing about the topic I was thinking the case in which neither university nor teachers have been allowed for copying the material. I think that it would be immoral if the author hadn't allowed neither university nor teachers to make such copies, and I made use of them anyway. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone! First of all, let me tell you guys that my English may not be the best due to it isn't my main language. Having said that, let's get into the topic. Since I've read objectivist point of view about intellectual property, I started to think of when my teachers gave me something to study via blueprints (PDF archives, among others). My doubts is: If I took ideas and rights seriously (which I do), wouldn't be the right thing to do to not study via those blueprints and buying the books instead (or figuring out is they're available in a library)? Thank you
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