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  1. That is why I have a very pointed question ... Will You be so kind to point to me of one just one inconsistency on my scenario or my question.
  2. As I said Rand’s philosophy like to sweep under the rug anything that do not fit. Why it is possible to don’t be an “objective criteria” but there is the only valid way to know the world.
  3. That is an ad hominem, you are evaluating an argument using completely irrelevant facts From the other thread someone said that contradiction are possible and impossible at the same time. I try to know what he means and he start trolling. The solutions I give were that he was using a contradiction resistant logic, later I think that he is meaning a kind of Hegelian dialectic. In this thread, people went out of there way to evade my concern and even said that subjective criteria, could be used but don’t give a guidelines of when. Or when I explain the example said that I was moving the goal post. I really try to learn who Rand’s handle this scenario because is extremely simple so it was logical for me to look at what I’m missing. After both threads my only way to understand what is going on is that you guys just ignore and sweep under the rug everything that do not fit in your worldview.
  4. Based on this is imposible to know if something is inside or outside your head.
  5. If you want to get a discussion you need to address your opponents doubts
  6. Please count the number of questions I answer vs the questions I ask with no answer ...
  7. That is an ad hominem, you are evaluating an argument using completely irrelevant facts.
  8. I don’t understand, are you implying that objective criteria is very hard to come by.
  9. Good that you answer all my question, and to lock holes on my claim. You win, the price of the worst explained ever.
  10. If my example is under defined, yours to. I have two theories of what is going on: you have problems thinking abstract, or you are acting as you don’t understand.
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