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  1. Having read Atlas Shrugged, I think one common critique is that the characters are caricatures -- they simply do not exist in real life. Ayn Rand herself seems aware of this, as she writes: "I trust that no one will me that men such as I write about don't exist. That this book has been written -- and published -- is my proof that they do." While certainly clever, this statement doesn't actually prove anything. But sure, the Hank Reardens and Dagny Taggarts are supposed to be rare. As a test, I'm wondering if it might be possible to identify just 5 individuals in the past century who were true Randians / Objectivists. A true Objectivist, in my mind, is uncompromisingly honest, productive and successful, in favour of limited government, skeptical of religion, and dedicated toward acting rationally towards one's own selfish interests. Yet, even those who espouse Rand's teachings fall far short of this mark (think Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz in politics with re: honesty and, of course, re: limits on the powers of government) Many successful businessmen are philanthropic and altruistic in a way that Rand would most certainly disapprove. Who do you think would fit the criteria of being a True Objectivist? Who are the Hank Reardens and Dagny Taggarts of our world today? (Offhand, the only qualifying example seems to be Ayn Rand herself. Does anyone else even come close? Or is it indeed the case that these characters simply do not exist in real life?)
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