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    Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, currently reading Philosophy: Who Needs It and will read Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal next! I have watched some interviews and public lectures by ARI. I have listened to a few of Nathaniel Branden's episodes on the basic principles of objectivism which I enjoy the most.
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  1. I agree with the article but I would put it a little differently or maybe add to the last section. Free will pertains to directing your consciousness. We are beings who are able to focus and regulate our consciousness towards topics that we are interested in. To learn any subject, ideas are entered into our minds but they do not have to be true so we have to check their efficacy. To validate any idea, we can test it against the facts of reality and use the feedback from our sensations (perceptual faculty) or logic (rational faculty) to confirm our thoughts or adjust if necessary. Choosing
  2. This is the answer I was looking for. I was making the assumption based on the final part of Atlas Shrugged that says "congress shall make no law abridging freedom of trade and production."
  3. I will have to start with an assumption before I ask the question, so if I got the assumption or the conclusion wrong, please point it out. If we assume that a free country will adopt the freedom of trade and production and the weapon manufacturers decide to sell their products of mass destruction to anyone who can afford such weapons. Now assume that a terrorist organization takes hold of such a weapon and purchases a property in the heart of NYC. How would the government stop them from unleashing havoc? And why would the government stop them if they have not initiated the use of force a
  4. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pride I see the expression of “taking pride of something” deeply tied to selfishness and only applies if I have done something to achieve or maintain that goal. I wouldn’t be proud of the achievements Newton made to science, but I would be proud of my contribution to journal papers which made them possible. Similarly, I wouldn’t be proud of the achievements of the American founding fathers but I like their ideas and I agree with their statements on the rights of man and role of government. However, you may take pride of the achievements of s
  5. I don't think that there is something wrong with liking or disliking anything. That is up to you to value what your independent mind deems valuable. I would only object to taking pride of what your country or your culture has achieved. The only thing I would be proud of is my own achievements in my life, not the achievement of others.
  6. I would recommend Intro to Objectivist Epistemology for a detailed explanation. Another beautiful resource is Nathaniel Branden's lecture on reason here For a short, clear definition, I will quote from Ayn Rand's lecture called Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World where she says the following:
  7. In my opinion, the best lecture series is provided by Nathaniel Branden called The Basic Principles of Objectivism. I normally listen to this when I'm driving but I find myself compelled to replay certain episodes and take notes since its value is nearly immesurable to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mfw7kqVU-U&list=PLnHOyZsmJrozd5HP9Pw9clexiXAqmZk1L
  8. Greetings rational egoists! My name is Ali and I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in the midst of the gulf war where the totalitarian leader of my birth country decided to invade another nation. I was born into a Muslim family who told what to think, gave me answers I cannot and dare not question, and told me to live my life with the goal to please Allah and his dangerous prophet. During the U.S. - Iraq war, several members of my family worked for the U.S. army and it was dangerous for us as children to be in a country that was being torn apart by its tribalism and factions who were seeking po
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