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    Hello! My name is Elliot, but after we're friends, you can call me Ella or Lottie. I'm a computer science/ logic dual major aiming for a PHD in artificial intelligence, I'm in love with Henry Rearden, I run cross country, and I think cats are morality personified.
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    Atlas Shrugged changed my life. It vindicated beliefs that I have held my whole life on a subconscious level but had never discovered or analyzed and gave me the confidence to craft my own set of values independent of the values of society, as well as the strength to execute them. Along with Atlas, I've read The Fountainhead, We the Living, For the New Intellectual, and am currently reading The Virtue of Selfishness. I have experienced more happiness in the six months since I first read Atlas than in the four years prior.
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    Carnegie Mellon University
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    Computer Science

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  1. Hi! My name is Elliot, I'm 18, female, computer science major, and new to this server (and forums in general). It's so nice to see how many of you there are :). I've never met another self-declared objectivist before, and I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas and enthusiasm with all of you! I don't use social areas of the internet very much, but (usually people active on social media are pretty irritating in my experience) but I'm sure this one will be different.
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