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About Me

I was fortunate to have been raised with Objectivism, and I thank my parents for that.

I first met the romantic love of my life on her first day at college. She was 18 and I was 20. We both have always been ambitious and hard working. I introduced her to Objectivism, which she took to very easily. I asked her to marry me about 2 weeks after we met. We have been 25 years together.

During our college days, we hosted a campus club in our apartment for Dr. Peikoff’s courses on Objectivism.

We now have three children, first a boy (now 13) and then two girls (now 10 and 7).

Back in 2005, when our son was just 9, he started asking about our philosophy and who else held this philosophy. In response, my wife prompted us to again seek out other Objectivists and to promote Objectivism. We decided to build an Objectivist community for ourselves and our children. Since then – with my wife’s and parents' help – I have been the “Organizer” for the North Texas Objectivist Society ("NTOS").

Partly because my wife and I have young children, NTOS started as a social society, but we are adding educational events, such as Objectivist speakers. To informally promote Objectivism, we welcome members who admire Ayn Rand's works and have at least a constructive interest in Objectivism. We also welcome members' friends, families, and children.

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