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  1. No one mentioned 'Shane' which is a surprise to me. The hero is the sodbuster Starrett who will not give up his land even at the risk of his life. Shane is the instrument of ultimate western justice.
  2. Cool, collected, brainy Gillian Anderson as Dagney
  3. Having children is an inherently selfish act in the Objectivist sense. It's neat for you and your spouse to make little yous. It brings a great sense of joy and fulfillment. As to their upbringing, I have found that if you let them think on their own (with some guidance and discipline, of course) rational thought seems to come almost naturally. Sometimes it did not seem that way when they were teenagers(see discipline comment above), but I couldn't be more proud of them now. Most of you are probably are about the same age as my children and I suspect that many of you were raised in a similar way. I am proud of you ,too.
  4. Your strategy is both logical and militarily sound. That's why we should get out of Iraq now, but leave a warning for any future governments there and current regimes in other middle east countries
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