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  1. This was an interesting read. I was surprised to see people have trouble with one or the other. For me i do abstract, auditory, internal monologue and visual. All of them i believe to be in the same level. However, i do not convert images to visual if I processed it from internal monologue or if I'm not reading something that involves a mental image. I separated internal monologue from auditory because I find that its really different when I think in melodies and harmony from me speaking to myself. When painting or sculpting: I have to make visual cues to eyeball the correct proporti
  2. Objectivist from Philippines. I grew up in a secularly religious family, where a lot of these christian beliefs have made me grown to detest religion, mostly coming from realization of their fallacies, imperviousness, psychological damage it has caused upon my family, because of it I slowly paved my way to an individualist morality and rational kind of thinking. On that journey i find myself to have been often mislead with philosophies of different kinds, that is until I reached Ayn Rand's lectures on the internet. I started reading about her and absorbed the fundamentals of her
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