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  1. I've mostly been doing it to indulge into fantasies I've had but find hard to satisfy with other things like erotic literature or such, and the place I heard about it was Twitter first, so I've been doing it there. I didn't think of that honestly, depersonalising it. I've tried to keep it mostly limited to those role-playing fantasies, and not much more. Would come, have a chat with someone and then leave without much more interaction. There's only one person so far who I would consider in a loose term a friend, but even then is mostly acquaintence. I guess depending on who I meet I am open to
  2. 1. Because if I feel the need to relieve myself sexually I prefer masturbation, since revealing myself to a stranger (as in physically doing it) feels like I'm exposing something too private to someone else and would just left me feeling bad about myself aftwerwards. 2. I don't have troubles speaking to people who I find sexually attractive, just a lot of the time that attraction ends when speaking to a lot of them, so it feels extremely shallow a lot of the time. 3. I don't know anyone at the moment who would interest me enough to consider dating. Well, I guess that could be an
  3. So as of late, I've been getting involved in sexual roleplays online in twitter, where each person, usually avoiding any personal information like name, face, etc, plays a fictional character and create a erotic narrative. And I've been wondering: is this inmoral? Am I evading reality in any way doing this? The reason I'm doing it is because it allows me to explore certain fantasies without having to go and try causal sex which I'm completely against. I also know that is merely fantasies, I am not commending the fantasies I'm participating in, I know the difference between a fantasy and actual
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