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    I work full time and make cool stuff out of metal and drive mountain bike in my time off.
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  1. I despise religion, but it does not mean that the religious are not capable of thinking and drawing perfect conclusions. I'll listen to anyone with the right facts and perspective. For example, Brother Nathanael, a Jew converted to Orthodox Christianity, has the best take I have seen on the Rittenhouse incident, and he does it all without a religious slant. He simply presents the facts: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QjyGWreeGeoB/ As far as Objectivist activism goes, there are few left in the world anymore who even possess the aptitude to understand it, let alone speak intelligibly on the subject. The way I do it is simply carry a big sign that says: "Who is John Galt?" It stops them dead in their tracks and they start asking questions. Or they look puzzled and walk on. My copper wrist band is stamped with it. It should be everywhere. It's carved in my camp axe. My car has a bumper sticker. It works.
  2. OK, I took your advice and sat down and examined this problem through the lens you've provided. My central purpose in life? That's to secure the blessings of Liberty for all the world from now until the Andromeda meets the Milky Way and ends this sphere. Well, actually that will happen long before the collision, but you get the point, I'm sure. But fighting for Freedom does not make money, rather it costs money, which brings me to my need for a job to get money to survive... You're right, it isn't the job, it's the bad things around it. Namely, the people I work with. I work in a custom shop. I love working with metal. I love running the machines and making product. The management loves me. I am self-contained, self-sufficient and never bother them. I love to work and I love what I do. Therein lies the problem. The people I work with? They do not love to work. They are there for a paycheck only and would rather not be there. They want to watch football, drink beer and lie on the couch. Not my style. But my passion brings out the devil in them. They know I am happy to work, and so they go out of their way to hide behind a dumpster somewhere and do nothing and leave the work to me. I do not hide behind dumpsters, but go out of my way to find those who are hiding behind dumpsters and confront them. I am not afraid of confrontation, controversy nor conflict. I deal with it. Openly. Brazenly. I have no tact, no filters. This causes the lazy, apathetic creatures around me to hate my guts because they have to work after all. This is my never ending battle. It is everywhere I look. I like to work. They don't. Sometimes I think I should just give up, join the club, and go hide behind the dumpster like the rest of the world. But, nah. That's just not me. On the other hand, I have a great time in my little tiny shop at home, fabricating my own little metal works, e.g., knives, jewelry, etc. from copper and other metals. I love to work alone. I hate working with other people (not all other people however. Some are very cool). They hate working with me. I am 100% driving forward, git 'er done. They are 100% driving backward, let's go hang out behind the dumpster until it's time to go home. I call them out and roust the management to do something about the situation. I get everybody going the right way again. I am a leader. But I don't want it. I have other more interesting things to do than babysit wayward children. When you look at personality types, I am what is described as a "Sigma male". Tried and true. I do everything alone. I seek to be alone. And I am not afraid of whatever comes. I do not pal around with anyone, let alone the lazy and apathetic. I am heavily resented for that. People don't understand why I won't kiss butt and go along to get along. I do not understand why they do. I think its time to look at going it alone. Seriously. I will keep a job for a while and see how I can earn a living from home, from my own little shop and see how that grows. I am tired of the workplace. It isn't anything like it used to be. And that ain't all good. Meantime I do love the outdoors and would love to be working outside again. Park ranger, postman, mountain bike tourism, something along these great outdoor lines. I'm not learning nor earning anything stupendous where I am, so I I could be in another place where at least I could be somewhat left alone and happy. I'm going to apply at the Post Office today and see if I can carry letters while I keep working in my shop and maybe get a little business going. Thanks for your idea.
  3. I don't buy gold. It is too expensive for most people. I buy silver, which is much more affordable and widely available. I also work in copper, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, bronze and other metals. I love metal. Civilizations are built and rise on the quality of their metals. If you are going to buy, number one rule is: take delivery. Do not play the paper game. Take delivery of your metals and find a safe storage for them. And plan to sit on them for a while. They don't make money quickly. But that is not the purpose of my having metal anyway. My purpose is, first of all--I just love the stuff-- and second, to have denominations on hand in case of an economic collapse, so that I have something to trade with for whatever might be around to trade. Pennies are good to collect, so long as you get them 1982 and previous, as they are made of copper. Nickels are actually nickel silver and are worth about seven cents. Half dollars, quarters and dimes 1964 and previous, AKA "junk silver" are made of silver. You can buy these in bags on ebay and other sites. There are good deals all around if you care to look for them. Right now, silver is at $27.60 per ounce. It's still a buyers market--so grab some and love it. I don't go anywhere without a few ounces of silver and copper in my pocket. I love the reactions I get from friends and acquaintances who hold an ounce of silver in their hand for the first time and don't want to let it go. They can keep it if they want, but they'll have to give something for it! I ounce met a beautiful Chinese woman when I live out West. She was on her way home to China and wanted a souvenir, something genuine American. I pulled out a one ounce Indian/Buffalo engraved bullion from my pocket and said, "It doesn't get any more American than this! The silver was mined right here in Nevada, engraved here in Clark County with a Native American man and native bison." She didn't even blink. Her eyes fixated on that piece like a deadly laser. "What do you want for it?" "One hundred dollars." She reached into her purse without hesitation and pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill, handed it to me and snatched up the bullion with her beautiful and sure hand. Some people just know goodness and value when they see it. At that time, silver was selling for around eleven bucks an ounce. I took the money I made and spent it all on more silver bullion. And the celestial lady took home a perfect souvenir. Silver has that kind of effect on people. Gold, too. Go to Southeast Asia and see all the gold shops around. They are insane about their gold. My favorite way to buy is ten ounce bars and one ounce rounds; easy to store, east to transport, easy to spend, as you can see. I always buy bullion and keep away from the numismatics, save for a few Morgans and silver Krugerrands I Iove to have. I always scour my change and take out the real pennies, the nickels, and the junk silver, though the junk silver is near impossible to find like that anymore. Most of the copper I get is 10 gauge (around 3/16") scrap from work. I take up small scraps and make pieces of jewelry out of them and sell them. Copper and silver are my two favorite metals. Copper is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral. Copper kills bacteria and viruses in minutes and much of it on contact. Copper kills Covid-19 in about four and a half hours. Copper is the most widely used metal and is so plentiful we have used barely 1% of the available copper in the earth. Copper should be covering all door handles, lab surfaces, hospitals (to their credit, hospitals are starting to realize this and put more and more copper in hospitals. Stop buying that stupid hand santizer and get a little tube of copper or copper trinket to carry with you or wear around your neck. Roll it around in your hands to sanitize them. Soldiers during the Bronze Age would take the bronze shavings from sharpening their swords and save them to apply to wounds. They didn't know why this worked, but when they did this they did not get a deadly infection. Today we know it is because of the copper in the bronze that the infection was killed. Brass works the same way. Bronze is copper and tin. Brass is copper and zinc. Both are mostly copper. The ancient Celts were master metal workers and created objects the best we have today would find impossible. Buy precious metals? You betcha!
  4. Good post. Thanks. Didn't quite occur to me this way.
  5. Cool pic. I go to the Black Hills every spring to see the new bison calves and hang out in Rapid City.
  6. Most made their own soap back then. My dad's grandmother was a big German woman with a mean streak who refused to speak English. Every Saturday night the children got their baths from her, scrubbing them with her homeade lye and a stiff brush. Lots of crying children. This laundry soap is better than store bought, is just too easy to make and saves so much money that, to my mind anyway, it's just silly not to do it. We grew up chopping wood, too. I love swinging axes and hammers.
  7. I love making things, messing with technology--and I love soaponification! I make my own soap. You can, too! Do-it-yourselfers can make their own laundry soap. It's pennies on the dollar, so to speak, after all the so-called, "dollar" is only worth a few pennies to begin with... you get the point... and the soap cleans by far and away better than any of the laundry detergent you buy off the shelf, does not eat your clothes, and is biodegradable. It's easy to do and it's a no-brainer. There are a thousand different recipes for laundry soap on YouTube and the Internet in general, so do your research there and pick the recipe you like best. Meantime I will provide here a simple recipe I use at home. Here is what you will need: 1. A bar of your favorite soap 2. A soup kettle or large cooking pot 3. One cup Super Washing Soda 4. One cup Borax 5. One quarter cup of baking soda and/or one quarter cup Oxyclean or equivalent (all optional) 6. A five gallon bucket w/ lid 7. Something to stir with. I use a length of discarded broomstick Get a bar of your favorite soap. I use Fels-Naptha or ZOTE laundry soap. Fels-Naptha is a more powerful cleaner than ZOTE, so I prefer it over ZOTE for that reason alone, as I lead an active lifestyle and get a whole lot of dirty, sweaty, and smelly. Fels-Naptha does the job for me. OK, you got your soap. Now, either grate the soap or chop it up into small pieces and put it into a soup kettle with about four quarts of tap water. Grating takes longer, but it's worth it, as the soap melts much faster. Put the kettle on the stove at low heat and melt down the soap, stirring occasionally until all is liquified. Do not cover the kettle while it is heating. If you do, the soap will rise up over the edge of the kettle and spill onto your stovetop. What a mess. Anyway, keep the lid off and the heat low and you will have great success. While your soap is melting, pour yourself one cup of Super Washing Soda and one cup of Borax and put them aside. You can also pour out your baking soda and/or Oxyclean if you choose. Its not necessary, but adds cleaning power. That's it. That's all the ingredients you will need. You can find them in the laundry section of your grocery store or big department store. Even some of the larger drugstores have them. Once your soap is melted, mix thoroughly and pour it into your clean five gallon bucket. I do the mixing in the bathtub because I am messy. Fill the bucket about halfway with hot water, as hot as it comes from your tap. Start slowly pouring your Super Washing Soda, Borax and other optional ingredients (if any) into the mixture, stirring all the while until all ingredients are liquified. Once this is done, fill the bucket the rest of the way with the hot tap water, cover and leave your bucket set overnight. You're done. That's all there is to it. In the morning, you will find the bucket is room temp and the mixture inside has separated with a thick gel or hardened cake on top and thinner liquid going to the bottom. This is normal. Just break up the cake or the gel and stir your mixture until even again. Your soap is ready to use. I take a plastic laundry bottle and fill it with my soap and keep it in my laundry supply for daily use. I go back to the bucket for a refill when I need one. The soap will separate between uses, so be sure to stir the bucket and shake the bottle before using.
  8. My job sucks so bad I could vomit. This job has served my purpose. Time to move on. Any solid advice out there on how to find a better job?
  9. I'm jealous. I hate my job in sheet metal and want out for an outdoors job. Postman, park ranger, anything to be outdoors working. I'm a gear and tactical guy, too. I drive a Surly Pugsley. Camp, hunt, fish, survival, etc.
  10. Mother Pelosi Just came to mind. Had to try it and see what it looked like in print. Kinda like, "Kip's Ma" in "Atlas Shrugged", but with a bigger hammer.
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