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  1. I despise religion, but it does not mean that the religious are not capable of thinking and drawing perfect conclusions. I'll listen to anyone with the right facts and perspective. For example, Brother Nathanael, a Jew converted to Orthodox Christianity, has the best take I have seen on the Rittenhouse incident, and he does it all without a religious slant. He simply presents the facts: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QjyGWreeGeoB/ As far as Objectivist activism goes, there are few left in the world anymore who even possess the aptitude to understand it, let alone speak intellig
  2. OK, I took your advice and sat down and examined this problem through the lens you've provided. My central purpose in life? That's to secure the blessings of Liberty for all the world from now until the Andromeda meets the Milky Way and ends this sphere. Well, actually that will happen long before the collision, but you get the point, I'm sure. But fighting for Freedom does not make money, rather it costs money, which brings me to my need for a job to get money to survive... You're right, it isn't the job, it's the bad things around it. Namely, the people I work with. I work i
  3. I don't buy gold. It is too expensive for most people. I buy silver, which is much more affordable and widely available. I also work in copper, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, bronze and other metals. I love metal. Civilizations are built and rise on the quality of their metals. If you are going to buy, number one rule is: take delivery. Do not play the paper game. Take delivery of your metals and find a safe storage for them. And plan to sit on them for a while. They don't make money quickly. But that is not the purpose of my having metal anyway. My purpose is, first of all
  4. Good post. Thanks. Didn't quite occur to me this way.
  5. Cool pic. I go to the Black Hills every spring to see the new bison calves and hang out in Rapid City.
  6. Most made their own soap back then. My dad's grandmother was a big German woman with a mean streak who refused to speak English. Every Saturday night the children got their baths from her, scrubbing them with her homeade lye and a stiff brush. Lots of crying children. This laundry soap is better than store bought, is just too easy to make and saves so much money that, to my mind anyway, it's just silly not to do it. We grew up chopping wood, too. I love swinging axes and hammers.
  7. I love making things, messing with technology--and I love soaponification! I make my own soap. You can, too! Do-it-yourselfers can make their own laundry soap. It's pennies on the dollar, so to speak, after all the so-called, "dollar" is only worth a few pennies to begin with... you get the point... and the soap cleans by far and away better than any of the laundry detergent you buy off the shelf, does not eat your clothes, and is biodegradable. It's easy to do and it's a no-brainer. There are a thousand different recipes for laundry soap on YouTube and the Internet in general, s
  8. My job sucks so bad I could vomit. This job has served my purpose. Time to move on. Any solid advice out there on how to find a better job?
  9. I'm jealous. I hate my job in sheet metal and want out for an outdoors job. Postman, park ranger, anything to be outdoors working. I'm a gear and tactical guy, too. I drive a Surly Pugsley. Camp, hunt, fish, survival, etc.
  10. Mother Pelosi Just came to mind. Had to try it and see what it looked like in print. Kinda like, "Kip's Ma" in "Atlas Shrugged", but with a bigger hammer.
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