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    Sebastien reacted to StrictlyLogical in "Is Capitalism NECESSARILY Racist?"   
    Nice to meet you Sebastien.  Neat and tidy conceptualization... very important for proper thought.
    Query:  Why do some tend to avoid neat and tidy conceptualization?  What is achieved by "avoiding" it?  What motivations are at play?  The left will conflate and equivocate and provide arguments which are semi-formed, confusingly self-contradictory and anti-conceptual... how does a person adhering to reason "argue" against a position which inherently eschews neat and tidy thought?  In the end I suppose being clear in your own mind is more important than worrying about another's lack of understanding.
    Keep thinking clearly and critically. 
    Wisely observed.  Some would see "all companies and stores discriminating" and conclude that must be the result of cause and effect of an economic system on the culture of the people... this of course is a laughable error.  Many cultures of the world included racism, tribalism, etc. ... one can easily conclude from the same observation "all companies and stores discriminating" is the result of the culture of the people (arising from religion, ancestral stories, myths, dogmatic indoctrination by parents and teachers, countless other factors) and not an "effect" of capitalism.  In fact, the truth of it, the reality may be that a flawed culture having discovered capitalism, may not have been exposed to capitalism long enough for the inertia of the culture to have been eroded.
    In science, as in logic, one must be careful to understand that statistical or perceived "correlation" does not as of a logical necessity point to a cause and effect, although cause and effect of course often leads to correlation, analysis of a correlation requires a neat and tidy mind to understand it.
    The "Left" will see the persistence of racism in a culture, and conclude that the "capitalist system" is racist.  But this is NO MORE logical than concluding that the "capitalist system" is "religious" simply because religion persists, for example, in the U.S. 
    A scientific mind might see the apparent lack of a capitalist system's imposing any effect on the culture of the people as an indicator that capitalism leaves people generally free to form their own culture... and perhaps that might not be such a bad observation.
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