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  1. Got that Tony? They murdered tens of thousands of their own citizens with years of shelling and military assaults. But they are NOT authoritarians and suggesting otherwise would be absurd. Have fun talking to these clowns.
  2. Thanks. Likewise, I'm sure the ladies at The View and George Soros and so many more are even more proud, of you.
  3. This is a very strong clue for anyone aspiring to an objective epistemology but apparently it flies right over the heads of some.
  4. Hi Gus, Great post. On Disney, I don't see what's wrong with reversing crony-statist benefits that were previously illegitimately granted to them. Disney in effect had its own government in central Florida and enjoyed immunities and sovereignties they should never have had. I do appreciate the appearance of gov't punishment for speech, taking it all away from them, as he did, soon after they opened their ugly mouths to promote grooming, but I don't think timing considerations affect the rightfulness of reversing the horrors of crony-statism.
  5. And we haven't even addressed the viral labs there and regular mysterious releases the Russians got tired of. How long would Americans tolerate Russian viral research labs on our border with Mexico? How long would we tolerate being murdered by Nazi brigades stationed in Mexico, introduced by Russia? How long would we tolerate plans to make Mexico a full-blown Warsaw Pact (analogous) country, loaded up with weapons aimed at us and our cities? Don't forget the Mexican coup against its democratically elected government in 2014, plus shelling Americans, killing us in the many thousands. Year after year after year. We would fix all of that immediately and have every right to do so. And the guilt for every Mexican death would be on Russia and the Mexican leaders who got their country in bed with Russia against us.
  6. Putin had every right to go into Ukraine as we had every right to go into Cuba once they allowed their island to become a pitching mound for lobbing nukes at Americans. Not one of you Ukraine-is-a-virgin brainwash victims in willing to engage in good faith with the facts about what the Ukrainian government did to the Donbass after the coup in 2014. That means you are merely going through the motions of a discussion. See, we engage with everything you present to us while you evade everything we say that CNN isn't also saying. Literal evasion — you refuse to look at it.
  7. These "Objectivists" are committed to the opposite. Steadfast evasion as a matter of principle and pride. They will never meet you in good faith.
  8. That's why you and so many more here can't really be engaged with on this current event. You are uninformed and you think we get the information "not worth your time" from television or random web sites. You refuse to listen, you steadfastly practice massive evasions. You engage in juvenile, frankly flippant put-downs, instead of the information. You are proud of it.
  9. She accepted the job I mentioned. And she also worked on Zelensky's campaign in 2019. Biden tapped a person who wants Zelensky in power, who is or was employed by Zelensky, to lord over you and everyone else. But never mind. It is not worth your time. But you'll keep pontificating about it all, without whole swathes of this kind of info. — that kind of "piddling around," namely, in the self-chosen dark, is apparently worth "your time."
  10. While I am unsurprised that you struggle to make connections I must strongly suggest you abandon approaches such as that one. You are right that we have nothing in common.
  11. That's your response to my assertion that only a corroded soul would accept an offer from Biden to run The Ministry of Truth. I suggested Atlas Shrugged for details and examples, but I shouldn't even have to if you are anywhere near the Objectivist Politics. Do you mean to deny that she possesses a corroded soul?
  12. You sincerely tried to get up-to-date, thirty-seven years ago, on the nuclear aspect of the Cold War between USA and USSR. That's excellent.
  13. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=armchair philosopher "A typical armchair philosopher is somebody who is a complete know-it-all, usually a douchebag or self-declared intellectual. They always feel the need to seem intellectually superior to others [ ... ]" " ... intellectually inferior general[s who] attended West Point ... "
  14. You don't understand at all what I wrote there to Stephen. Maybe its best if you leave it to Stephen.
  15. What kind of person would accept a job running a Ministry of Truth for Joe Biden, as that Nina Jankowicz did? I found some answers to that question in Atlas Shrugged: Monsters with corroded souls, that's who would accept such a "job," lording over all of us. Someone who would volunteer to help with Zelensky's election, as she did, in short.
  16. Do you remember your favorite ribbing for Bill Dwyer? "Armchair Philosopher." If only you could see you now!
  17. This also strongly shows in all of your armchair military general pontificating, which would rapidly get us all killed, as Tony observed.
  18. And it shows. As Tony said, you have a lot of mis-identification to go back and fix.
  19. Such a weird coincidence that that nasty Ministry of Truth hag Nina Jankowicz worked on Zelensky's campaingn in 2019.
  20. I think you mean evasions by leaders, governments. But regarding the discussants from both sides, isn't it fascinating how we evade none of what they have to say? We look carefully and consider all of it. And none of it is new to us when they present it. We had already heard it from our nephews and nieces who got it from social media. We had already heard all of it from our neighbor who got it from CNN. We can turn on MSNBC any time and hear all of it. We engage with all of it. Whereas they evade whole swathes of information as a matter of principle and epistemological pride.
  21. Every one of Tony's interlocutors here has emphatically declared their commitment to evading whole categories of fact they don't like. The thinking of objective and informed people will always seem bizarre to those wholly committed to keeping their eyes closed to categories of fact they don't like.
  22. I still find it so damn curious that you had no interest in learning how corrupt the Biden Crime Family is. In 2016, while Vice President of the US, Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son Hunter was fired. The video is all over the internet. At a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations Q & A session he publicly explained how he had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. He explained he held up one thousand million dollars in humanitarian aid until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter, (who was and is a total zero but somehow on the Board of one of the major energy companies of the world, based in Ukraine.) Biden says he made the billion dollar threat and "well, son of a bitch, they fired him!" I provided all the info for a search and in less than five minutes you could find it and it apply that evidence of the senses thing, but you can't be brought to do it. The Biden Crime Family has things to hide, things they have actively hidden for many years, in Ukraine. And now they want to drag the world into another bloody endless war there. And we have "intellectuals" in the West who can't see any benefit to grasping these connections and simply can't be bothered.
  23. No sacrifices on their part are too great when his precious serenity is attached to the matter.
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