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  1. ... nothing was done about it as his second in command was awash in Chinese Communist Party money and they would never allow anything substantive to be done, whispering, "wewember, we have your son's tapes, we have you weceiving millions, tee, hee."
  2. Who here already knew that Q's name was a reference to Energy Dept security clearance, such as Bobulinski enjoyed during his career in the US Navy?
  3. The owners intentions for the site are to be respected, of course. I will try to address honest questions so long as participants can refrain from vicious, baseless attacks on my character and stay focused on ideas. I am sure we agree that is the only atmosphere in which constructive exchange of ideas can occur. Thank you, Greg.
  4. Is that supposed to reflect something about me? Stephen Boydstun hates Michael, too. See here https://www.objectivistliving.com/forums/topic/7201-introducing-the-stephen-boydstun-corner/?tab=comments#comment-300000 What does that indicate about Stephen? Incidentally, Stephen also can confirm my online posting going back to about 2005. He used to enjoy especially my extended exchanges with Bill Dwyer.
  5. You say "I" but there really is no real you when you hide behind anonymity, is there? You share the status of a fantasy. Yes, Greg, I definitely bicker back. When all participants are through with my mental health and personal background, when they are finished attempting to run me off as a fake Objectivist (they would know fake) I will have nothing to bicker about.
  6. Have you checked and seen that I have indeed been posting under my real name since about 2005? Have you checked my claims with Adam Mossoff? I assume he is still Professor at Law at George Mason, he was when we emailed about two years ago. Adam Mossoff has been an ARI speaker and he can confirm my claims going back to the late eighties, we co-Presided over a campus club together. Instead you go straight to defaming me, using a fake name, no less. You are fast losing credibility here.
  7. But did you willingly accept bribes From foreign gov’ts contra your oath of office? The analogy falls apart immediately. It was Obama’s and Joe’s job to know about the Foxhunt conspiracy against America. It started and then operated for several years, under their noses, during their term in power. Hunters became the hunted is one but tiny example among thousands that indicate the reality of a highly coordinated and far-reaching movement. Thanks for the questions and conversation. I will not be able to post for about one week from now.
  8. Here are just two shelves of mine. I have all the extra paperback Atlases and Anthems and Capitalisms and Virtues because there are still some used bookstores in Denver and I pick up every copy I find and I place them into the free libraries that are spotted all over Denver in front yards. I have read and loved Ayn Rand and promoted her ideas since I was fourteen years old.
  9. Not at all. President Trump’s oath forbids him allowing a traitor into office. That’s what Obama can lean on to excuse his spying on Trump: he had a duty to protect against the election of a traitor. It is a real duty in the real world. (Obama knew he was framing Trump, so he will fly one-way to gitmo. His was the violence against the republic, and therefore he and and his co-conspirator VP Biden will have to pay a heavy penalty. Since Biden really is a traitor, Trump, and all the military (such as Bobulinski) who know this for a fact can not allow, because of their oath, cannot allo
  10. I have been promoting Ayn Rand and Objectivism since 1986 when I was a teenager. I formally joined the Objectivist movement in 1988 and lead my campus club under the direction of the Ayn Rand Institute. I have been posting online under my real name since around 2005, at Sense of Life Objectivists, Rebirth of Reason, SOLOPassion and ObjectivistLiving.
  11. You have alluded and alluded and alluded. Please explain the nature of the threat. Show us what Q said that is so dangerous. Cite post #s, show your work, present a case.
  12. Hi Greg. With whom “here” am I losing credibility? I assume you mean with you, but do you speak for several here? I wonder why they don’t simply state which of the facts I have mentioned is false and how. You are not aware of the worldwide impact Q is having? It is another fairly uncontroversial fact. The entire mass media complex has thrown enormous money and energy at poo-pooing it, several orders of magnitude greater than what it ever threw at Ayn Rand. They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t fear it. And they wouldn’t fear it if it wasn’t a threat to them, and growing ever
  13. Interesting. Except that this Q-clearance naval officer would go to prison for life for framing a Presidential candidate. And he would do this, following your idea, in an attempt to take out our worldwide movement, once and for all? You have an ambitious imagination.
  14. Such a bizarre word choice. Q posts. You post. Neither is a product of anyone’s fantasy. Q says they possess Q-level clearance, many thousands of people do. Try to calm down, there is nothing fantastical about the movement, it is very real, and worldwide. And there is certainly nothing to fear from a movement based on thinking for yourself and doing your own research. You seem to be getting your information second hand. You should know that does not work. As with Rand, you have to read the source data, here: https://qanon.pub Nothing counts but the source data. In
  15. Foxhunt is related to Biden in that his family is blackmailed and controlled by the Chinese who routinely grossly violate rights of our citizens and they do it within our borders. He is not just in bed with anyone, he is in bed with the sub-human monsters who commit Foxhunt. And I did not use the Foxhunt announcement as some kind of validation of Q. You are free to do that, I did not, I only mentioned some facts. I repeat them: Demers used a phrase that any and all law-enforcement familiar with Q would well know we have been using extensively for years; memeing it, blasting it. It is
  16. It doesn’t hurt me at all. It does tell a lot about people who immediately wield it and their actual confidence.
  17. Is every Objectivist activist of 30+ years who posts here immediately invited to get the hell out or go to hell or asked why they are even here in the first place, as I was? Is it routine to question their mental health, as was perpetrated against myself?
  18. Thank Heaven we didn't get sidetracked from the real subject of the thread by discussing Bobulinski's extensive hard evidence against the Biden Crime Family or his Q-level security clearance and the heavy vetting of this person which that implies.
  19. Thank you for that suggestion, maybe I will start a new thread. However, with certainty the Bobulinski story is directly related to Biden and his fitness for President, the subject of the thread. Also, to be clear, Bobulinski's possession of Energy Department Q-level security access is a matter of fact, as well as the Foxhunt "conspiracy," which is a legal term used at least twice by Assistant Attorney General Demers in explaining what the five (and more to come) were arrested for. See video at 3:58 and 4:24, for example. Both are established facts, there is nothing speculative about
  20. United States immigration laws predate Trump by many decades. Generally, they were passed with bi-partisan support. He swore an oath to uphold the law. (And the terrible cages were built by the Obama/Biden administration.)
  21. Foxhunt Conspiracy. How does one justify voting for Joe Biden who is in bed with and owned by the Chinese Communist Party which torments and terrorizes innocent people worldwide and in the US as described here by Assistant Attorney General Demers, FBI Director Wray and US Attorney DuCharme? https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaBgvnjXJj How does one justify enabling the anti-life CCP by handing them the Presidency of the United States?
  22. No one has to discuss Q or anything else if they don't want to. About Bobulinksi, though. Is anyone here prepared to argue that he did not in fact enjoy Energy Dept Q-level security clearance during his career in the United States Navy?
  23. He was a Naval officer with Energy Department Q-level security clearance and corresponding responsibilities for the nuclear weapons on our submarines.
  24. All military, as well. Their oath prevents them allowing a traitor in office. LOL
  25. And like I said, we already you hate you the Trump movement.
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