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  1. Indeed, he is totally owned by the Communist Party that has tormented billions of people for generations. Trump swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, so he can not and will not allow Biden to assume the Presidency. The Biden Crime Family and the rest of the filthy Washington swamp will be dealt with appropriately in Trump's glorious second term, all backed up by the newly-legitimate Supreme Court.
  2. Q (there is no such thing as "QAnon") is merely one wheel on the Trump Train, which we already knew you hate.
  3. * * * * * Split from Biden is our only hope, say Yaron Brook * * * * * Today the DOJ announced charges and arrests in the Foxhunt Conspiracy. The DOJ official says "the hunters became the hunted" at 3:00. Watch here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaBgvnjXJj When did Q start saying that? How many times has Q said it? See here: https://qanon.pub/ The phrase is ubiquitous in the movement, has been for years.
  4. Never forget that some among us correctly understand there is indeed a gun at their heads and it is held by Trump and the threat for them evaporates should a Biden or a Harris or a Clinton assume the Presidency. They will say many things but they are not going to tell you the above as exposure is precisely what they seek to avoid.
  5. The issue is about what to call a duly convicted murderer who has been released, he is a murderer. This is about objective identification. Same for felons. The justice system must never forget what they did, what they are. Nor will I. Never release a man convicted of murder is fine with me, but no I wouldn’t say it is required to qualify as proper government. This is very fine me, third one this year, scheduled in about five weeks.: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/execution-scheduled-federal-death-row-inmate-convicted-murdering-child
  6. Those do sound less serious. I agree the law should be changed because a handful of those 3rd degree felonies should only be misdemeanors or even not crimes at all. Not a great choice, agreed. Word Nazi? Like forcing you to use honest words? Never! In fact I look forward to your use of ‘ex-murderer’ once it becomes fashionable.
  7. For those with no issue with Bloomberg’s actions: The fines were imposed following a legitimate judicial process and trial by a jury of peers. The fines were intended to be suffered by the guilty, just as their terms in prison were intended to be suffered by the guilty. Would you have any issue with a charity volunteer doing the time in prison in place of the actual, guilty felon? If yes, why exactly are you happy to nullify a legitimate judicial punishment (monetary portion) but not the imprisonment portion? You can’t say to keep Society safe because these are non-violent felons, th
  8. Do you say “a person who has served time for murder and is now free” when you refer to a murderer? They are felons.
  9. Yet Bloomberg restored only a very small fraction of 1.5 million, because he was very selective. That selectivity will form the essence of election fraud charges against him after Trump begins his second term. Bloomberg is willing to do this because he is fighting for his life, he simply will not survive the purge of criminal scum that is coming in term two.
  10. Felonies are serious crimes. Traffic tickets are not felonies. There is no such thing as an “ex-felon,” just as there is no such thing as an “ex-murderer,” (except for a murderer who is no longer breathing.) Living felons are felons, period.
  11. "Ex-felon" is an interesting term. Felonies are serious crimes and felons were found guilty by juries of their peers. Does a murderer become an "ex-murderer" after their term in prison for their latest murder?
  12. What's coming next for the left, the Democrat Party, the mainstream news, Hollywood, social media companies and the globalist elite will not be affected in any meaningful way by the assassination or natural death of Donald Trump, except to trigger contingency planning that will fast-track their destruction and make it much more brutal.
  13. And sunny days only, too! You saw the thoughts on this matter from the head of the Executive Branch of the US government. Every day he is briefed on yet more information that you and I will never know about. But let's see if Bloomberg keeps it up or never does it again.
  14. In any case I don't think Bloomberg will be charged with indiscriminately paying fines and fees imposed upon and intended to be suffered by the individual criminals, which is probably not a crime. Rather, I think he only paid the fines and fees of those felons who are Democrats or known to vote Democrat and he thereby can be charged with election interference. Top law enforcement officer of the land says ... My bet is on Bloomberg not doing any more of it.
  15. Has anyone ever done something random and nice for you and later you felt positively toward them?
  16. Notice that no one brings up efficacy. Instead only is it ethical, is it legal. If Trump had done what Bloomberg did someone would bring up efficacy, specifically, lack of reason to believe it could work for him at all would be brought up, here and elsewhere. But I have seen no one doubt the efficacy of Bloomberg's actions. And that is because no one sincerely doubts that felonious scum will need only a small nudge to vote for fellow felonious, seditious, treasonous scum.
  17. I can testify to remembering this very well. And when you asked the brainwashing victim how it could be that we are running out of landfill space, they would react the same way they do today when you question the efficacy of cloth masks. You could ask them, “haven’t you ever left our town in a car, or flown in an airplane and seen for yourself just how absurd is the notion we will run out of landfill? “Shut the fuck up and recycle.”
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