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  1. I think she is referring to Aristotle's distinction, as @Reidywrites: "Aristotle, in the Nichomachean Ethics, distinguishes between people we value for themselves - our friends - and others we value for what they can do for us." The woman said that she was raised in a protestant authoritarian family where one was only valued for obedience (cf. the 4th commandment). She broke away from that through seeing through the hypocrisy of thinking that being obedient is being "good". In reality it is merely submission out of fear. Her preferred solution to this problem - the p
  2. Hi, I've come across a blog where a lady claims that the way to health and self-esteem is to gain reference experiences that one is valuable in oneself. As opposed to being loved unconditionally "for no reason". The lady distinguished between being used as a subject and being used as an object. The former being health-bringing and the latter contributing to alienation. Is this described in Objectivist literature or in Aristotle? I know Aristotle at least comes close to this, but I'm not well read enough... Thanks!
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